Thursday, August 20, 2015

Historic Surfboards on Display

When you're out catching a wave on a beautiful day, you might think about all of the other people who have experienced the thrill of riding a wave. Surfing is a sport that has evolved through innovation, so in a way, your time on the board is linked to all the surfers that have come before you. If you love surfing and surf culture, then chances are you will be excited to hear that an exciting piece of surf history has re-emerged.

According to the KSBW article, "Historic Hawaiian Surfboards Return to Santa Cruz" by Phil Gomez,
"Three teenage Hawaiian princes traveled to Santa Cruz 130 years ago, shaped surfboards out of redwood trees, and introduced surfing to the mainland. The brothers rode waves at the San Lorenzo River mouth on "o'lo" surfboards. "
Before this historic ride, no one had ever surfed at a beach in the mainland. When the princes left California they took the surfboards they had created with them, and the surfboards were never seen again, although the sport of surfing took off in a big way.

However, the surfboards have recently resurfaced, they were discovered in Honolulu where they had been buried. Two of the boards were very carefully transported back to Santa Cruz, and you can go and see them. They will be on display at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History until October 25.

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