Thursday, August 27, 2015

Opt for a Thick Surfboard Leash for a Long-Lasting Purchase

Whether you are just buying a surfboard, have to replace your current leash, or want to get a leash after not having one for a long time, you should consider the greatest investment for the money. While thin leashes might seem like a suitable option, you can enjoy major benefits with a thick surfboard leashA thick leash can become a long-lasting purchase, which is just what you need.

Completely Safe in Small Waves
Since thick leashes are more than capable of handling small waves, you should not have any worries about riding small waves. A thick leash will not break under these circumstances for any reason, as long as the leash is properly maintained and is not partially torn or broken already.

Possible to Use for Large Waves
When you get a thin or medium-thickness leash, you may not feel comfortable riding large waves. Instead of getting a thin leash and hoping that you can handle these waves, you should just use a thick leash to feel completely confident when you go out into the water and attempt to catch a massive wave.

Ensure Board Protection
Since your surfboard is quite susceptible to damage when it is allowed to thrash around in the ocean, you want to make sure your leash will not give out and send your board to its doom. A thick leash is the closest thing you can get to a guarantee that your surfboard will avoid substantial damage or breaking.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Historic Surfboards on Display

When you're out catching a wave on a beautiful day, you might think about all of the other people who have experienced the thrill of riding a wave. Surfing is a sport that has evolved through innovation, so in a way, your time on the board is linked to all the surfers that have come before you. If you love surfing and surf culture, then chances are you will be excited to hear that an exciting piece of surf history has re-emerged.

According to the KSBW article, "Historic Hawaiian Surfboards Return to Santa Cruz" by Phil Gomez,
"Three teenage Hawaiian princes traveled to Santa Cruz 130 years ago, shaped surfboards out of redwood trees, and introduced surfing to the mainland. The brothers rode waves at the San Lorenzo River mouth on "o'lo" surfboards. "
Before this historic ride, no one had ever surfed at a beach in the mainland. When the princes left California they took the surfboards they had created with them, and the surfboards were never seen again, although the sport of surfing took off in a big way.

However, the surfboards have recently resurfaced, they were discovered in Honolulu where they had been buried. Two of the boards were very carefully transported back to Santa Cruz, and you can go and see them. They will be on display at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History until October 25.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Are You Looking to Post Used Surfboards Ads on a High Traffic Site for Free?

As the surfing season progresses, chances are your board is looking a little worse for wear. With all of the gnarly waves you’ve been barreling though, that’s to be expected. Of course there are ways to repair the minor damage and make your gear look new again. Plus, when you’re ready for a change, there are places where it’s possible to sell used surfboards and net some kelp for new ones.

At, we’ll gladly accept your used surfboard ads and post them for free. Our site gets a lot of unique views in a given month so your used surfboard has the potential to get wide exposure. With that said, make sure that you put your best fin forward from the very beginning. After all, used surfboards only get one chance to make an unforgettable impression.

Before setting the price, take an honest look at your used surfboard and take a look at what the new ones are selling for these days. Make a list of the used surfboard’s best and worst features for your own use. Then use that list and what you’ve learned about the going prices to come up with a fair figure. If the used surfboard’s asking price is negotiable, say so in the ad or let us know.

When you’ve finished posting your free advertisement, take further action. Share the link to your used surfboard’s listing on any social media site that you use frequently. Let your online followers know that you’re serious about selling the board and then wait. Hopefully, you’ll have offers pouring in within the first month. If not, consider revamping your used surfboard ad and trying other promotional tools until you’ve made the perfect sale.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Massive Surfboard Built to Break World Record - Part Two

In Part One of this post, we described the efforts leading up to Huntington Beach's attempt to break two world records in one grand undertaking. The goal was to achieve the world record for the most people riding on a surfboard at once, as well as the world record the largest surfboard.

Months of effort have paid off, and the world records have been secured! On Saturday, June 20th, 66 people rode a massive surfboard together. To break the record the surfers all had to stay standing on the board for at least 10 seconds, and spectators say they actually stood for almost 15 seconds. You can watch the incredible video online for yourself at

The world record for most people was an immediate declaration, but the record for the largest surfboard took a few days as measurements were recorded on the 42 foot long, 11 foot wide surfboard that weighed an unbelievable 1300 pounds.

According to the LA Times article, "66 Surfers Ride 1 Surfboard, Setting World Record in Huntington Beach" by Kristina Pritchett, Huntington Beach beat the previously Australian held world record one other time, but not officially.
"In 2005, 60 surfers rode a 39-foot board that was on display in the city during the U.S. Open of Surfing, beating the record set earlier that year in Australia by 47 surfers on the same board. But Guinness officials were not present for the Huntington effort, so it was never officially recorded."
Residents of Huntington Beach are proud to be the official record holders now, since surf culture is such a huge part of their community. If you want surfing to be a bigger part of your life, please contact us for all your equipment, accessory and apparel needs.