Thursday, July 23, 2015

Scientific Surfboard Could be a Gamechanger for Researchers

Some people refer to space as the last frontier, but scientists know that the Earth still has a treasure trove of uncharted territory. The ocean is so vast and much of it is still unexplored by scientists.  One group of scientists hopes to gather a little more data about the ocean by using surfers as proxy data-gatherers. 

The scientists plan to use "Smartphin," a sensor built into an attachable surfboard fin, to gather research from the ocean. The sensor will be able to detect and relay information like the temperature of the water, its acidity and salt content. Surfers can gather this information just by surfing, where researchers would have to invest a lot of time and money to go and gather this information themselves.

According to the Smithsonian article, "This Surfboard Maps Waves and Gathers Ocean Data for Researchers," by Marissa Fessenden, the smart surfboard will also benefit the surfers who use it, because the sensor
"not only collects environmental data to help scientists understand climate change’s effects on the ocean, but also helps surfers figure out where to catch the best waves. Sensors in the fin will gather wave signatures along with tracking data."
Surfers will eventually be able to purchase the Smartphin so that they can be a part of the scientific endeavor and use the technology to find the best surfing spots on any given day.

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