Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quiksilver Goes To Social Media To Find The Next Surfing Star

While surfing is a sport that almost anyone can enjoy, if you want to become a famous surfer, it can take the same kind of well-placed connections and dumb luck that other endeavors require. While skill should be the biggest factor in competitive surfing, that's not always how it works out. There are some very talented young surfers who are just waiting for an opportunity to show the world their skill.

Quiksilver is trying to change all that and level the playing field with their upcoming King of The Groms Invitational.  Instead of inviting the same surfers everyone has been following for years now, Quiksilver decided to make the competition open to every young person with a surfboard and a camera. 

According to the Shop Eat Surf article, "Quiksilver's New Initiative Using Social Media For Global Competition" 
"To participate, candidates just need to film a 15-second video segment of their best wave and post it on Instagram @quiksilver followed by #kingofthegroms. The King of the Groms judging panel, comprised of Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and Jeremy Flores will watch all of the videos entered in the contest."
The judging panel will select a top 30 who will be asked to submit a longer video. An online audience will choose 7 surfers to continue on, and a panel from Quiksilver will select 3 additional surfers and the final 10 will compete live.
Quiksilver believes they will discover new and exciting talent by opening up their competition.

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