Thursday, July 30, 2015

Massive Surfboard Built to Break World Record - Part One

Huntington Beach had a world-record in sight and went to pain-staking efforts to accomplish it. The record they were after fit the culture of the area because it involved surfing! Huntington beach is a popular surf spot, known for that amazing waves that are caused by open ocean hitting up against Catalina Island. With over a 9-mile stretch of beach, it is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world. So, it makes sense that it should be the backdrop for a world record attempt for the "Most People Riding a Surfboard at Once" on the "World's Largest Surfboard."

The previous record was set in March 2005 and the feat was accomplished with 47 people riding a surfboard that was 39 feet and 4 inches long. So to beat the record in Huntington beach would take at least 48 people riding a surfboard that is at least 39 feet and 5 inches long. This two part goal would be put to the test in June according to the 89.3 KPCC article, "Huntington Beach Tries Building the World's Biggest Surfboard" by Kristina Bravo.
“It’s the length of at least two full-size cars, maybe almost three,” said Lynn Bowser, co-owner of Westerly Marine, the Santa Ana boat building company commissioned by Visit Huntington Beach to build the 42-foot-long, 11-foot-wide surfboard. “It looks like a regular short board that’s literally blown up to 42 feet.”
The goal is to have 64 riders ride the surfboard for 10 full seconds, and as long as at least 48 people can stay standing on the giant surfboard the new world record will be accomplished. To find out if the stunt was ultimately successful, watch for part two of this blog.

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  1. I think the big question here is... after they build it, what the heck are they gonna do with it? I guess they could take it to Burning Man or something... lol.

    Sarah | Florida Riding

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