Thursday, July 30, 2015

Massive Surfboard Built to Break World Record - Part One

Huntington Beach had a world-record in sight and went to pain-staking efforts to accomplish it. The record they were after fit the culture of the area because it involved surfing! Huntington beach is a popular surf spot, known for that amazing waves that are caused by open ocean hitting up against Catalina Island. With over a 9-mile stretch of beach, it is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world. So, it makes sense that it should be the backdrop for a world record attempt for the "Most People Riding a Surfboard at Once" on the "World's Largest Surfboard."

The previous record was set in March 2005 and the feat was accomplished with 47 people riding a surfboard that was 39 feet and 4 inches long. So to beat the record in Huntington beach would take at least 48 people riding a surfboard that is at least 39 feet and 5 inches long. This two part goal would be put to the test in June according to the 89.3 KPCC article, "Huntington Beach Tries Building the World's Biggest Surfboard" by Kristina Bravo.
“It’s the length of at least two full-size cars, maybe almost three,” said Lynn Bowser, co-owner of Westerly Marine, the Santa Ana boat building company commissioned by Visit Huntington Beach to build the 42-foot-long, 11-foot-wide surfboard. “It looks like a regular short board that’s literally blown up to 42 feet.”
The goal is to have 64 riders ride the surfboard for 10 full seconds, and as long as at least 48 people can stay standing on the giant surfboard the new world record will be accomplished. To find out if the stunt was ultimately successful, watch for part two of this blog.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Scientific Surfboard Could be a Gamechanger for Researchers

Some people refer to space as the last frontier, but scientists know that the Earth still has a treasure trove of uncharted territory. The ocean is so vast and much of it is still unexplored by scientists.  One group of scientists hopes to gather a little more data about the ocean by using surfers as proxy data-gatherers. 

The scientists plan to use "Smartphin," a sensor built into an attachable surfboard fin, to gather research from the ocean. The sensor will be able to detect and relay information like the temperature of the water, its acidity and salt content. Surfers can gather this information just by surfing, where researchers would have to invest a lot of time and money to go and gather this information themselves.

According to the Smithsonian article, "This Surfboard Maps Waves and Gathers Ocean Data for Researchers," by Marissa Fessenden, the smart surfboard will also benefit the surfers who use it, because the sensor
"not only collects environmental data to help scientists understand climate change’s effects on the ocean, but also helps surfers figure out where to catch the best waves. Sensors in the fin will gather wave signatures along with tracking data."
Surfers will eventually be able to purchase the Smartphin so that they can be a part of the scientific endeavor and use the technology to find the best surfing spots on any given day.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quiksilver Goes To Social Media To Find The Next Surfing Star

While surfing is a sport that almost anyone can enjoy, if you want to become a famous surfer, it can take the same kind of well-placed connections and dumb luck that other endeavors require. While skill should be the biggest factor in competitive surfing, that's not always how it works out. There are some very talented young surfers who are just waiting for an opportunity to show the world their skill.

Quiksilver is trying to change all that and level the playing field with their upcoming King of The Groms Invitational.  Instead of inviting the same surfers everyone has been following for years now, Quiksilver decided to make the competition open to every young person with a surfboard and a camera. 

According to the Shop Eat Surf article, "Quiksilver's New Initiative Using Social Media For Global Competition" 
"To participate, candidates just need to film a 15-second video segment of their best wave and post it on Instagram @quiksilver followed by #kingofthegroms. The King of the Groms judging panel, comprised of Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and Jeremy Flores will watch all of the videos entered in the contest."
The judging panel will select a top 30 who will be asked to submit a longer video. An online audience will choose 7 surfers to continue on, and a panel from Quiksilver will select 3 additional surfers and the final 10 will compete live.
Quiksilver believes they will discover new and exciting talent by opening up their competition.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sustainable Surfboard In Sight

Surfers love nature. They love being outside enjoying the wild earth, sky and water around them. So, most surfers are pretty environmentally aware and do everything they can to help sustain the Earth. It was probably only a matter of time before someone invented a completely sustainable surfboard.

Traditional surfboards are made from polyurethane which incorporate fossil fuels, which we all know are limited resources. To create a sustainable surfboard, an alternative oil has to be used, and in this case, the creators of this cutting-edge surfboard used algae oil. Arctic Foam, the business behind the environmentally friendly surfboard, received some funding from the Federal Government.

It wasn't all smooth sailing. Two prototype surfboards failed before the creators of the environmentally friendly board were successful. One board was not firm enough and had too much give, the second board expanded really quickly and basically exploded.

According to the Outside article, "Your Next Surfboard Will Be Made From Algae" by Ben Yeager,
"There’s no cost estimate yet, but Arctic Foam hopes to bring it close to the market norm of about $600. Other manufacturers are skeptical that algae boards will catch on. Kim Thress, president of U.S. Blanks, Arctic Foam’s main domestic competitor, said the company isn’t yet considering foam derived from algae oil."
It's hard to know if this particular surfboard will revolutionize the way surfboards are created, but we know one thing, surfers will continue to innovate and push the boundaries.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Used Surfboards: World Surf League Fans Have a Chance to Go Long or Short

Has the World Surf League’s Longboard Tour got you thinking about turning in your ride for something that cuts a bigger profile in the water? If so, why not give used surfboards a try? They’re an excellent way to try out longboarding and various surfboard styles. Prices for used longboards vary. However, you may be able to pick up a sweet Wave Rebel Surface Longboard for as little as $100. Oh and there are deals to be had on fish, hybrid, short and SUP boards too.

So, whether you love to watch the league’s Longboard, Junior, Big Wave, Qualifying Series or Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, it doesn’t matter. There’s a good chance that you’ll find the perfect used surfboards in your price range. Just make sure to examine them thoroughly before dishing out the cabbage Brah. After all, a used board is likely to have some dings here and there. Consequently, you’ll want to make sure that any imperfections present are something you can live with or easily get repaired in the future.

At, we encourage surfers to sell their old rides on our website. That said, our used surfboard collection is about as varied as the surf spots spread out across the planet. We’ve also got new surfboards, equipment, footwear, apparel and accessories on sale too. So, you might want to post your used surfboard for sale and use the proceeds to net some deals of your own.

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