Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surfboard Traction Pads Versus Wax: Picking Between the Two

Many surfers go back and forth about whether or not they want to add surfboard traction pads to their boards, or use wax. Here's a quick rundown of each one's pros and cons, to help you choose which one to put on your board.

Traction Pads
Pros: There's a great diversity of traction pads for comfort, style, look, and utility, so it's easy to find a pad that works for your board. They are easy to apply to a board and stay on for however long they are needed. The best-made traction pads are made with densities and patterns that respond to the surfer's maneuvers. They are extremely comfortable, making surfing more adaptable for those with certain feet types (flat, high-arched, etc.).
Cons: Some surfers find the traction pads too padded, losing that "connection" between surfer and the board. In addition, the traction pad can absorb force, so it might make the board less responsive to pressure. And some traction pads can't withstand subzero freezing, meaning that they might be slick in freezing water temperatures.

Surfboard Wax
Pros: Wax tends to be stickier for bare feet or booties, which can help in slick waters. Wax also tends to fare better in subzero waters, remaining sticky even when cold and wet. In addition, wax is also more versatile, as it can come in different densities to match the waters' temperature. It also allows for more responsiveness.
Cons: It can be time-consuming to get old wax off and new wax on. Plus, on hot days, the wax melts off, leaving you to clean up the mess and reapply the wax. Also, wax lacks cushion, which can be less comfortable for users.
Overall, picking surfboard traction pads or wax depends on your comfort and personal preference. Both are used by beginners and surfing pros alike, all for different reasons and comfort levels. For more surfboard guides, contact us.


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