Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 Reasons to Get New Surfboard Leashes

A surfboard leash is sort of like a best friend you love to hate. While it keeps you connected to your board, it can also be uncomfortable to wear. So while some surfers see surfboard leashes as a drag (metaphorically and physically), there are some really good reasons for getting a surfboard leash. Here are just three to convince you to get a leash you'll love, rather than despise.

1. It helps you catch more waves. 
The leash's main job is to make sure your surfboard stays under you as you ride the waves. If you surf without a leash, you're more likely going to end up chasing your board to shore each time you make a mistake and fall off it. That means less time actually surfing, and an increased likelihood that you'll miss a good wave.

2. It can help you duck dive safely.
With some waves, especially big ones, it's important to duck dive to avoid injury. Having a leash allows you to keep the board with you, so you don't lose it during your duck dive. In addition, a leg rope can allow you to dive deeply, when you need to escape a big wave, but cannot duck dive safely or on time. The leash will then help lead you to your board.

3. It can save your life and others.
For one, having your board with you at all times can keep you afloat if you become injured or tired, and are far from your initial location. And while some surfers refuse to use a leash because it isn't "traditional," it helps others around them stay safe. A board that's abandoned by a surfer could easily hit another person, severely injuring them, or in some cases, killing the person. By attaching your board to your person with a reliable leash, you'll be saving others and yourself.

So surf with safety and fun in mind, and buy a surfboard leash that will get you where you need to go. For more surfing tips, contact us.

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