Thursday, May 7, 2015

Surfboarding Takes an Interesting Adaptation for Freezing Winter Fun

You've gotta see this video of Brian Grubb, Redbull athlete Wakeskating the waters off of Cape Cod, MA. This winter has been one of the worst in history for Northeastern America. With snow totals breaking records and blizzards seeming like just an average day, getting outside to exercise and have fun has not been easy. 

Surfing, in particular, has been absolutely out of the question. The ocean froze over in many places, and even now that thawing is becoming possible, giant glacial chunks of ice have been washing ashore. This may stop the faint of heart, but not Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb.

Grubb took to the water this week and hopped on his board to wake skate the glacial water off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The results are pretty crazy.

According to The Boston Globe, 
"With few problems beyond learning to maneuver through a graveyard of frozen water, Grubb called the once-in-a-lifetime experience a success. 'It was a crazy kind of phenomenon, that’s why we had to go out and ride this,' he said. 'I’m glad we made it happen.'"

Adaptation is key for survival and it is certainly key to getting yourself into the water and on a board in the dead of winter. While surfing may not be possible (waves off of Nantucket island were looking more like slushies), a little creativity goes a long way. 

With warm weather in sight and the opportunity to get out there and surf without hitting any glaciers fast approaching, contact us and get yourself set up for the summer ahead! 

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