Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sea Lion Pup Climbs on Surfer's Surfboard and Goes For a Ride

There are so many reasons that surfers love to surf. Some surfers are all about the adrenaline; they love the rush they get when they're surfing a wave. Some surfers appreciate the great workout they get when they are surfing and think it is the most fun way they could possibly stay in shape. Still others love to surf because they love nature and can't get enough of being up close and personal with the wild wonder of mother nature.

Dan Murphy is a surfer who says he encounters wildlife all the time when he's out on the waves, but he had a much closer encounter than he expected when he went surfing in San Diego in March, when a sea lion pup climbed on his surfboard and up onto his back. The Sea Lion pup was very affectionate and surfed on Murphy's board with him for over an hour while his friend took photos of the unbelievable experience.

According to the NBC San Diego article, "Sea Lion Pup Climbs on Board, Rides With Surfer in Cardiff," by Laura McVicker,
"Murphy said the pup did not appear malnourished and suspects he was one of the sea lions rehabilitated by SeaWorld trainers and then returned to the wild, as the little guy appeared so comfortable around humans.
The pup held on to Murphy for about 20 minutes before crawling into his lap “like a puppy,” he said."
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