Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quiksilver Adjusts To Change In Management

When it comes to surfing new is important! There is always some new innovation, new hot equipment, new techniques and definitely new tricks! It seems like the only thing that stays the same in surfing year after year are the big, brand name companies that supply the majority of the surfing equipment that surfers know and love.

One of these big traditional surf companies is Quiksilver, and they are adjusting to some pretty big changes of their own. On Friday, March 27th, they announced that they were replacing their former CEO Andy Mooney and replacing him with Pierre Agnes.

Before you start to worry about changes in the Quiksilver products that make surfing fashionable and fun, rest assured that Agnes has been with Quiksilver for 27 years, so he is invested in the company culture and won't be likely to make sweeping changes that would undermine Quiksilver products or frustrate their many fans. Agnes has also held high positions within Roxy and DC in the past, so surfing companies have made up the bulk of his life's work.

According to the Transworld Business article, "Quiksilver CEO Andy Mooney Leaves Company; Pierre Agnes Named CEO" by Kailee Bradstreet, the founder of Quiksilver, Rob McKnight had this to say about the change in leadership:
“The board has great confidence in Pierre’s ability and skills to lead our company. His primary focus will be on improving operational execution and efficiencies, and identifying growth opportunities, especially in the U.S. wholesale channel.”
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