Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Pick The Right Surfboard Bags for Travel

As summer approaches, so does the season for surfing. Whether you're planning a world trip with your board to the hottest spots, or taking a drive down to the closest beach, it's important to pick the right surfboard bags to keep your board in good shape. Here are a few tips for picking out the right bag, and packing your board right.

1. Pick the bag based on the type of travel.

Your bag should be based on travel conditions for your board. For example, if you are taking a plane with your surfboard, the likelihood that it will end up in cargo moving around and bumping against other items is high. You should then buy a heavy-duty bag with thick padding or hard walls. But if you're securing your surfboard to the top of your car or inside the bed of a truck, your bag might not need to be specialized for bumpy travel.

Also be mindful of how many boards you might be bringing for a serious surf trip. You should then get a bag that will fit all the boards your bringing, even if they are different sizes. Pick with the biggest board in mind, and then stack them safely on top of each other.

2. Get a snug fit, but with some space for adjustments.

You'll want a bag that can fit your board snugly, especially if it's built with foam padding. However, you'll want to choose a bag with some space for extra padding. This will be especially handy if your fins do not come off your board, and therefore you'll need to add protectors. Many bags also come with an extra pouch to store leashes, wetsuits, fins, or other equipment, so keep that in mind and use those items to add extra padding to the nose and tail.

3. Secure and label your bag.

You should label the inside and outside of the bag with your name and contact information. For long-distance travel, you might also want to consider buying a lock to secure your boards. And on the outside of your bag, add a "Fragile" or "Handle With Care" note, in order to encourage safe transportation of your boards.

With the right surfboard bag, you'll be prepared for a summer filled with adventure. For more surfboard news and tips, contact us.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quiksilver Adjusts To Change In Management

When it comes to surfing new is important! There is always some new innovation, new hot equipment, new techniques and definitely new tricks! It seems like the only thing that stays the same in surfing year after year are the big, brand name companies that supply the majority of the surfing equipment that surfers know and love.

One of these big traditional surf companies is Quiksilver, and they are adjusting to some pretty big changes of their own. On Friday, March 27th, they announced that they were replacing their former CEO Andy Mooney and replacing him with Pierre Agnes.

Before you start to worry about changes in the Quiksilver products that make surfing fashionable and fun, rest assured that Agnes has been with Quiksilver for 27 years, so he is invested in the company culture and won't be likely to make sweeping changes that would undermine Quiksilver products or frustrate their many fans. Agnes has also held high positions within Roxy and DC in the past, so surfing companies have made up the bulk of his life's work.

According to the Transworld Business article, "Quiksilver CEO Andy Mooney Leaves Company; Pierre Agnes Named CEO" by Kailee Bradstreet, the founder of Quiksilver, Rob McKnight had this to say about the change in leadership:
“The board has great confidence in Pierre’s ability and skills to lead our company. His primary focus will be on improving operational execution and efficiencies, and identifying growth opportunities, especially in the U.S. wholesale channel.”
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sea Lion Pup Climbs on Surfer's Surfboard and Goes For a Ride

There are so many reasons that surfers love to surf. Some surfers are all about the adrenaline; they love the rush they get when they're surfing a wave. Some surfers appreciate the great workout they get when they are surfing and think it is the most fun way they could possibly stay in shape. Still others love to surf because they love nature and can't get enough of being up close and personal with the wild wonder of mother nature.

Dan Murphy is a surfer who says he encounters wildlife all the time when he's out on the waves, but he had a much closer encounter than he expected when he went surfing in San Diego in March, when a sea lion pup climbed on his surfboard and up onto his back. The Sea Lion pup was very affectionate and surfed on Murphy's board with him for over an hour while his friend took photos of the unbelievable experience.

According to the NBC San Diego article, "Sea Lion Pup Climbs on Board, Rides With Surfer in Cardiff," by Laura McVicker,
"Murphy said the pup did not appear malnourished and suspects he was one of the sea lions rehabilitated by SeaWorld trainers and then returned to the wild, as the little guy appeared so comfortable around humans.
The pup held on to Murphy for about 20 minutes before crawling into his lap “like a puppy,” he said."
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Surfboarding Takes an Interesting Adaptation for Freezing Winter Fun

You've gotta see this video of Brian Grubb, Redbull athlete Wakeskating the waters off of Cape Cod, MA. This winter has been one of the worst in history for Northeastern America. With snow totals breaking records and blizzards seeming like just an average day, getting outside to exercise and have fun has not been easy. 

Surfing, in particular, has been absolutely out of the question. The ocean froze over in many places, and even now that thawing is becoming possible, giant glacial chunks of ice have been washing ashore. This may stop the faint of heart, but not Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb.

Grubb took to the water this week and hopped on his board to wake skate the glacial water off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The results are pretty crazy.

According to The Boston Globe, 
"With few problems beyond learning to maneuver through a graveyard of frozen water, Grubb called the once-in-a-lifetime experience a success. 'It was a crazy kind of phenomenon, that’s why we had to go out and ride this,' he said. 'I’m glad we made it happen.'"

Adaptation is key for survival and it is certainly key to getting yourself into the water and on a board in the dead of winter. While surfing may not be possible (waves off of Nantucket island were looking more like slushies), a little creativity goes a long way. 

With warm weather in sight and the opportunity to get out there and surf without hitting any glaciers fast approaching, contact us and get yourself set up for the summer ahead!