Thursday, April 2, 2015

Are Your Surfboard Bags Packed and Ready for Popoyo Reef, Nicaragua?

Are you ready to grab your surfboard bags and say, “Donde estan la mejores olas?” If not, what are you waiting for? It’s almost time for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games to kickoff in Popoyo, Nicaragua. Mother Nature willing, the long-awaited surfing competition is due to run from May 31st through June 7th. And remember, it’s a stepping stone to the 2016 ISA China Cup. So, you might want to make your travel plans now or choose to book later and watch the surf action from the sidelines.

Either way, you’ll want to bring your best surfboard bags and other surf gear to Popoyo Reef. Southern Nicaragua tends to be unbearably hot, sunny and humid during May and June. So, we’d recommend taking a light-colored surfboard bag that won’t soak up the heat and humidity. A good example of what we’re talking about is the DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag. Fashioned out of a premium, heat-resistant material, it’s white with charcoal accents. Plus, there is lots of padding and a convenient slot to store your fins.

Most surfers will want to have their best fins in tow because Popoyo Reef can be hard to maneuver without the right ones. The area tends to feature a lot of strong, offshore winds that can really alter a surfer’s stability. Thus, you may want to go with a one fin or a thruster set-up. DaKine, by the way, makes white and charcoal thruster bags too. So, we've got your surfboard bag needs covered no matter what setup you choose to use at Popoyo Reef.

In addition to great surfboard bags, we’d suggest packing sunglassestide watches and bucket hats as well. The sunglasses and bucket hats will help keep the burn at bay. And as for the tide watches, they’ll help you figure out the best times to put your surfboards into Popoyo Reef’s renowned waters. To learn more about choosing the best surfboard bags for upcoming competitions, please contact us today.

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