Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Unique Benefits of Surfboard Fins

A surfboard without surfboard fins is going to feel like the rider is surfing on a plank of wood with no tangible way to turn or stabilize. In fact, only veteran riders who have been surfing for decades can pull it off, and usually without much measured success.

Surfboard fins greatly impact how a board feels, how the rider uses it, as well as its drive, overall stability, and perhaps most importantly, its maneuverability. Ask any pro surfer and they'll tell you, learning to use your surfboard fins properly will benefit you beyond measure.

Set-up of Fins
How you set up your fins is mostly decided upon how you ride; your style and where you surf. Some boards (and people) get away with only a few. While others need five. The reality is you can pretty much get away with whatever works best for you, but sometimes less is more. It is really up to the rider and how it feels once they're in the water. Plus, whether they prefer speed over more control.

Fin Surface Area
The surface area of a fin affects how the board feels, drastically improving its control. Thus, greater fin surface area means more control. This is why you'll sometimes see boards with a few, and sometimes boards with several. Because when there is less surface area, you sacrifice control for speed. Some surfers learn to appreciate one over the other, so they ditch the larger surface area fins for many smaller versions that grant more control. 

Placement of Fins
A fins placement dictates how a board moves and responds to the rider's actions. If the rider prefers sharp and precise movements, fins nearer to the center help. For more balance, fins closer to the tail of board help. This placement will, however, sacrifice a bit of movement and control, causing wider, stiffer turns, but greater stability. 
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