Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Surfboard Traction Pads

Catching waves is the easy part. Staying on your surfboard isn't. For professional surfers, pulling crazy cutbacks and gnarly bottom turns seems like second nature. They sometimes appear stuck to their board like glue, yet move nimbly around as they ride waves.

We know why...

Ready to be stuck to your board when it matters most? Then check out how Surfboard Traction Pads can help you. Here are the pros and cons of surfboard traction pads.

Better concentration comes with traction pads. You'll find your ability to focus on the waves peak while using them.
They'll increase your board awareness so that you'll be able to duck dive heavy waves by pressing harder on the front of board, while maintaining adequate leverage on the back.

Your rear foot never felt so stuck with traction pads (especially when compared to wax). This enables you to hold steady and maneuver with increased precision.

For beginners, an expertly placed traction pad teaches proper foot position. No more guessing or looking down when it matters most. Let your feet (and eventually your subconscious) be the judge.

Some surfers who have years of experience catch their toes on them while surfing. It could be a matter of style and technique, more than it is a product failure. Or they might have oddly shaped toes.

Because of their superb gripping ability, if you wipeout, you stand a chance of scraping your knee when getting back up. A costly benefit of better surfing. 

Some people prefer wax for various reasons. While we don't think these two things are always interchangeable, preference as a "Con" for traction pads is the best we have (because, let's be honest... there are so few "Cons"!). 
For more information on how we can help you get the best traction pads, contact us any time.

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