Thursday, March 26, 2015

Video of Hurley Youth Surfing in Hawaii Is Incredible

Hurley is already sponsoring the next surfing superstars. Cultivating young talent is a top priority for Hurley and it appears to be paying off, their youngest surfers are already really impressive on the waves.

Surfing Magazine, posted this incredible video of the young surfers killing it on huge waves in Hawaii. Nick Marshall, Eli Hanneman, Jake Marshall and Barron Mamiya are all prominently featured in the video that is just under eight minutes long and absolutely worth watching. These surfers will amaze you, not just with their skills in the ocean but also with their humility and their genuine love for the sport.

These 12 to 16 year old surfers prove that the future of surfing is looking bright. Of course, the video might also inspire you to hit the waves yourself. If so, then now is the perfect time to do an inventory of your equipment and stock up on anything you need, so that as soon as the great surfing weather gets here you aren't stuck shopping.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Best Boardshorts for Surfing Groms: Great Pairs for Springtime 2015

He longs to be the next Jake Marshall or Griffin Colapinto. You just want your water-loving grom to make sure his wet boardshorts end up in the laundry hamper and not on the floor. Aaah, the generation gap! It’s alive and well but that doesn’t have to stop you from agreeing on which boardshorts are tops for spring 2015. Some things, like shaka signs, just transcend time and space. That said, here’s a look at several pairs of boardshorts that will amp your grom before he ever shoots the curl:

Billabong Boy’s Flux Boardshorts
For those ankle slapper days when he’s likely to spend more time woofing down fish tacos on the beach than getting his hair wet, try the Billabong Boy’s Flux Boardshorts. They’re made from 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric that won’t chaff his inner thighs or knees. He’ll love the gradient stripes, which come with a choice of two color combinations. And you’ll love the fact that no matter which color combinations he chooses, they’re machine washable all the way.

Hurley Boy’s One and Only Boardshorts
When he plans on transitioning from the beach to the boardwalk, set out a pair of Hurley Boy’s One and Only Boardshorts instead. From afar, they look like a stylish pair of jean shorts. However, they’re actually made from lightweight, machine washable, supersuede. So, you can count on them to be durable and feel super soft against his skin. The shorts sport bright orange detailing too, including a Velcro flap topped pocket and e-z fly.

DC Boy’s Lanai Essential Boardshorts
Finally, you can’t go wrong with a pair of DC Lanai Essential Boardshorts. Made from pure polyester dynasuede, they come in at least three popular colors for spring. The shortlist includes head-turning red, bold blue and a basic black. Of course each one has the unmistakable DC logo running down the leg. 

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Unique Benefits of Surfboard Fins

A surfboard without surfboard fins is going to feel like the rider is surfing on a plank of wood with no tangible way to turn or stabilize. In fact, only veteran riders who have been surfing for decades can pull it off, and usually without much measured success.

Surfboard fins greatly impact how a board feels, how the rider uses it, as well as its drive, overall stability, and perhaps most importantly, its maneuverability. Ask any pro surfer and they'll tell you, learning to use your surfboard fins properly will benefit you beyond measure.

Set-up of Fins
How you set up your fins is mostly decided upon how you ride; your style and where you surf. Some boards (and people) get away with only a few. While others need five. The reality is you can pretty much get away with whatever works best for you, but sometimes less is more. It is really up to the rider and how it feels once they're in the water. Plus, whether they prefer speed over more control.

Fin Surface Area
The surface area of a fin affects how the board feels, drastically improving its control. Thus, greater fin surface area means more control. This is why you'll sometimes see boards with a few, and sometimes boards with several. Because when there is less surface area, you sacrifice control for speed. Some surfers learn to appreciate one over the other, so they ditch the larger surface area fins for many smaller versions that grant more control. 

Placement of Fins
A fins placement dictates how a board moves and responds to the rider's actions. If the rider prefers sharp and precise movements, fins nearer to the center help. For more balance, fins closer to the tail of board help. This placement will, however, sacrifice a bit of movement and control, causing wider, stiffer turns, but greater stability. 
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Surfboard Traction Pads

Catching waves is the easy part. Staying on your surfboard isn't. For professional surfers, pulling crazy cutbacks and gnarly bottom turns seems like second nature. They sometimes appear stuck to their board like glue, yet move nimbly around as they ride waves.

We know why...

Ready to be stuck to your board when it matters most? Then check out how Surfboard Traction Pads can help you. Here are the pros and cons of surfboard traction pads.

Better concentration comes with traction pads. You'll find your ability to focus on the waves peak while using them.
They'll increase your board awareness so that you'll be able to duck dive heavy waves by pressing harder on the front of board, while maintaining adequate leverage on the back.

Your rear foot never felt so stuck with traction pads (especially when compared to wax). This enables you to hold steady and maneuver with increased precision.

For beginners, an expertly placed traction pad teaches proper foot position. No more guessing or looking down when it matters most. Let your feet (and eventually your subconscious) be the judge.

Some surfers who have years of experience catch their toes on them while surfing. It could be a matter of style and technique, more than it is a product failure. Or they might have oddly shaped toes.

Because of their superb gripping ability, if you wipeout, you stand a chance of scraping your knee when getting back up. A costly benefit of better surfing. 

Some people prefer wax for various reasons. While we don't think these two things are always interchangeable, preference as a "Con" for traction pads is the best we have (because, let's be honest... there are so few "Cons"!). 
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