Thursday, February 19, 2015

Surfing Tips: The Benefits of Training With a Balance Board

A well-trained surfer understands balance is key to successfully performing the most basic surfing maneuvers. Fortunately, a surfer can improve their balance while also increasing their overall fitness by purchasing a balance board. Using the board during your workout sessions has several benefits that will help you up your technique and reach your most ambitious surfing goals.

Strengthening Your Core
Increasing the strength of your core is essential to becoming an accomplished surfer. While there are hundreds of exercises that can help bolster the muscles between your rib cage and upper thighs, the balance board is one of the most effective work-out tools you can use. After using the board on a regular basis, you will begin to notice an improvement not only in your balance while on your Surfboard, but also in your flexibility.

Increased Reaction Time
Training with a balance board forces you to react in a swift manner. For instance, regaining your footing and preventing a fall requires a quick and instinctual response. Continuous practice on your board will help you hone your reaction time which is crucial to your success as a surfer.

Boosting Coordination
Poor coordination can have a negative effect on multiple aspects of your life, but it can especially hinder your ability as a surfer. A balance board demands your entire body works as a single unit; otherwise you'll find yourself stumbling or falling from the piece of equipment more often than not. Regular use will bolster your coordination which can aid in your quest to master the most difficult surfing maneuvers.

Injury Avoidance
Due to strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility and balance, you are less likely to experience a severe injury while surfing. For that reason alone, a balance board should become an essential tool in every surfer's artillery.

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