Thursday, February 12, 2015

Surfboard Builder Hall Of Fame Chooses A New Builder To Honor

The process of crafting a quality surfboard has become an art form. Craftsmen and women take pride in the surfboards they create, and the industry honors them for their accomplishments.

The International Surfboard Builders Hall Of Fame exists to call attention to excellent surfboard shapers that have upheld the cultural traditions of crafting surfboards while not being afraid to innovate with new designs. According to the Orange Count Register article, "Surfboard Makers Honored" by Laylan Connely,
"The Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame was created 15 years ago by Huntington Beach surfers Bob 'The Greek' Bolen and friend Mike 'Mickey Rat' Ester to honor builders for their contributions to the sport."
This year Steve Boehne was given the incredible honor of being added to the hall of fame. He joins previous inductees: Con Colburn, Fred Wardy, Pat Rawson, Bud Gardner, Jim Foley and Greg Mcdonagh. Boehne was selected because of his life long dedication to the sport of surfing and his leadership at Infinity Surfboards, the company he started. He's known for pushing the boundaries with his surfboard designs. Even though his company has grown very large he still takes the time to personally shape surfboards. In fact, he continues to shape around 400 boards every year.

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