Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quiksilver Eddie Is Going Strong

Every few years Quiksilver holds an epic surfing event in memory of Eddie Akau. Akau was a very well-known Hawaiian surfer and lifeguard. In fact, he was the very first lifeguard at Waimea in Oahu and he is credited with saving over 500 people during his time as a lifeguard. He eventually died in 1978 when he was paddling to seek help for a capsized crew.

The Quiksilver invitation in Akau's honor is always held in Hawaii during the swell season, because Akau loved to surf the big waves. Since there are such huge waves that hit during the two month holding period of the invitational, there are usually surfers competing in the Eddie that become qualified for the XXL Big Wave Awards.

This year the Eddie holding period began December 1st and will wrap up on February 28th. According to the ASP World Tour article, "Quiksilver Eddie Window Opens"
"The contest format has two rounds, each with a maximum wave count of eight waves. Each surfer's best four waves count toward the final score, with a maximum individual wave score of 100 points based on size, risk and how well the wave was surfed."
There have been big crowds around Waimea Bay to view this amazing surfing event that was last held in 2009. If you are hoping to hit a few big waves of your own, please contact us for all of your surfing needs. From boards and accessories, to apparel and equipment, we have everything you need for a great day at the beach, all in one convenient website.

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