Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quiksilver Brings High Fashion To Surfing

Surf Culture is always pushing the boundaries and innovating. Trends that surfers adopt on the beaches quickly make their way to stores all over the country and create unintentional fashion trends that quickly spread into the mainstream. 

Quiksilver is about to shift surf culture again with styles they have just premiered at the Paris S/S show. The styles shown there will be hitting stores soon and include rash vests, wet suits and board shorts that are a collaboration with designer Julien David. David brought a touch of high fashion to the surf world with wetsuits that look like finely tailored jackets and James Bond style tuxedos. 

These designs are also made from recycled materials in an effort to continue Quiksilver's goal of maintaining an environmentally sustainable company. According to the Wallpaper article, "Julien David Teams Up With Quiksilver to Put a Fashion Spin on Surf Culture," by Tilly Macalister Smith,
"Much noise has been made about sustainability and eco-footprints in fashion lately and Quiksilver has been honing its eco-driven production methods along with innovative fabric finishes - one of the reasons David was keen to partner with the brand."
Quiksilver is clearly planning to shake up the surf world with exciting, fun design trends as well as sustainable and innovative fabrics and manufacturing techniques.

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