Thursday, December 4, 2014

Marshfield Teacher Gets Autistic Children Up On Surfboards For a Memorable Excursion

As much as the news likes to report about the sad state of education in America, there are always stories of teachers who put forth extra effort for the children they teach. They inspire us and make us realize that many of the greatest heroes alive today are teachers.

When an autistic child in Marshfield wanted to learn to surf, her parents approached their child's Public School Aide, Kristin Connor, who helped make it happen, not just for Grace Felter, the 11-year old autistic student who loves the ocean, but also for many of Grace's classmates.

Connor partnered with a local surf shop who provided the surfboards, wetsuits and leashes, and even volunteered some employees to help Connor teach the kids to surf and take them out in the ocean to give it a try. The autistic students were in elementary and middle school, and almost a dozen of them were able to give surfing a try.  Their autism did not hold them back from this really incredible life experience.

The Wicked Local article, "Levitate Teaches Kids To Surf in Marshfield" by Lisa Kashinsky, delightfully retells the childrens' experience on the waves,
"Connor split her time between helping kids in the water and celebrating their successes from the shore.
"He did it," Connor exclaimed as Seamus rode a wave in, a smile on her face and her hands in the air, "That was awesome."
Every so often, cheers would rise up from the assembled group as one of the children made it back to shore, including for Felter’s daughter."
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