Friday, December 26, 2014

5 Tips to Help You Successfully Buy a Used Surfboard

If replacing your current surfboard with a brand new one isn't a realistic option, you may want to consider investing in a used board. Whether your new to the sport or you're an experienced participant, purchasing a used surfboard is an excellent way of saving money while still receiving a high quality product. However, blindly buying a used board can end with you acquiring a dud that isn't worth the cash you spent. Listed below are 5 purchasing tips to follow while searching for your next used surfboard.
  1. It's always best to view a surfboard in person before making a final decision, however, if it isn't possible, be sure to request plenty of pictures that show every angle of the board. You should also ask to receive a written guarantee that the description and photos you've seen are a true representation of the surfboard you have agreed to buy.
  2. Although, most used surfboards will have their share of dings, a board that is riddled with them is not a wise purchase. Before making a decision, you should establish whether or not previous dings were properly fixed by the owner or a professional, and whether the current dings are severe enough to lead to the surfboard cracking in the near future.
  3. Don't buy a used surfboard without inspecting its fins. If the board has non-removable fins, look for signs of cracking, especially in the area where the fin and board meet. If signs of cracking are present, purchasing the board isn't a good idea, unless you are prepared to deal with the necessary repairs.
  4. If you spot any discolorations on the surfboard's foam, you're most likely dealing with a water damage. Unfortunately, it is best to walk away from a used board with this issue, no matter how cheap the owner is willing to sell it for.
  5. Buying a board already covered in wax can hinder your ability to view all possible areas of damage. To avoid this mistake, simply ask the owner to remove the wax before finalizing the purchase. If they refuse, walk away from the deal because there is a good chance they are trying to hide the extent of damage present on the surfboard.
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