Thursday, November 13, 2014 Has a Huge Selection Of Surfboard Leashes

When you're out catching waves, you need to know that your surfboard is not going to disappear into the ocean without you.  Surfboard leashes keep you connected to your board.  Leashes are so common now, it's hard to imagine that they were only introduced to the sport in 1971. Before that, surfers had to swim down their boards after each wipe-out.  Not to mention, the hazard a loose surfboard posed to swimmers and other surfers.
Surfboard leashes make surfing safer and simpler, although there are still some long board surfers who still refuse to wear a leash.  

When you are looking for a surfboard leash, there are a few factors to consider.  Make sure your leash is longer than the length of your board, an experienced surfer may only want a leash that is a few inches longer than their board; however, a novice surfer could get a leash up to a foot longer than their board.

When you are thinking about leash thickness, remember that a thicker leash is more durable, less likely to snap and will last longer. However, a thinner leashes provide less drag, so it may be important to have a thin leash to use for competition surfing.

You will also have decisions to make when it comes to the type and number of swivels and the type of cuff and rail surfer you want.  

When you've researched all your choices, please contact us. has an incredible selection of leashes so you can get one that meets all your specifications. We offer 46 different leashes from four different companies.

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