Thursday, October 23, 2014

Take Hurley and Quiksilver Into Colder Weather

We know some of you have the luxury of living in a warm, tropical climate where you can hit the waves year-round. But some of us live in places where we have to listen to the snow forecasts instead of the tide reports and can only go surfing in our minds.

But that doesn't mean you can't represent surf culture even when the weather is anything but sunny. Here are our top picks for embracing a beach lifestyle even if you live somewhere in the Midwest.
  1. Hurley One and Only Zip Hoody: Pull that hood up around your face on those blustery days.
  2. Roxy and Boys Beanie: With a beanie that hangs loose, you'll look like a laid-back surfer even in the dead of winter.
  3. Quiksilver Solid Streak Surf Shirt: Who says you can't chill around the house in your fave shirt for catching waves?
  4. Hurley One and Only V-Neck Sweater: Dress up for a holiday party and still keep your surfer cred.
  5. Hurley Phantom Boardwalk Hat: Swap out that hat you love to wear with the tropical print on it for this cap in a heavier material and low-key color.
  6. Quiksilver Snit Stripe Sweater: The cold-weather version of a classic nautical shirt.
  7. Quiksilver Hot Dog Youth Beanie: Little dudes have to keep their melons warm, too.
  8. Hurley One and Only Slim Women's Zip Hoody: Perfect to pair with your flannel pajama pants.
  9. Hurley Jag LS Button Down Shirt: Channel your inner lumberjack with a plaid button-down.
  10. Roxy Whole Hearted LS Rash Guard: Layer your rash guard over a tank when you hit a yoga class.
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