Thursday, September 18, 2014

Surfboards Ho! 5 Great International Destinations to Go Surfing

It’s no secret that despite the season, there is always some place on the planet where excellent waves and sunshine beckon. So when you start feeling a touch of beach shack fever in the weeks ahead, consider loading up the surfboards and heading off to one of the following international destinations:

1.) Manly Beach (New South Wales)
Grab a cheap flight to New South Wales and practice saying “G’day Mate” on the plane ride over because you’re bound to run into a lot of locals at Manly Beach. It’s an incredible place to channel your inner Carissa Moore or Adriano de Souza. And keep in mind, lifeguards are normally on duty there throughout the fall, winter and spring.

2.) Puerto Escondido (Mexico)
If you’re not in the mood to bring your surfboards to New South Wales, why not go south of the border to Mexico’s Puerto Escondido? It’s in the quickly developing State of Oaxaca and some surfers know it as the Mexican Pipeline. Perhaps you’ve seen videos of the pros hitting the waves during the 2014 MexPipe.

3.) Los Lobos (Canary Islands)
Prefer to point your surfboards towards Spain instead? Then make plans to travel to the Canary Island’s Los Lobos. Magic Seaweed and Surfline always tend to sing the surf spot’s praises. If you do go, think about camping out on the sand so you don’t miss the high tides.

4.) Capo Mannu (Italy)
Long to sit on the sand alongside your surfboard and eat a pizzaiolo prepared slice of authentic, Italian pizza? Well then, pack your surfboards and book a flight to Italy’s Capo Mannu. Situated in the country’s Sardinia Region, it’s a rocky-bottomed spot known for serving up noteworthy lefts and rights throughout the year. Make it a point to pack extra boardshorts and spend some time hanging out in Oristano. It’s known for its historical sites and annual carnival event, Sa Sartiglia.

5.) Costa Nova (Portugal)
Finally, you might want to think about traveling to Portugal and staying in a candy striped beach house for a week or two. One of the beaches locals love for its sandy bottom and assortment of waves is Costa Nova. It’s near the bustling city of Aveiro, where you’ll be able to find additional cool spots to park your surfboards for the night.

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