Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spotlight on Quiksilver Watches: 4 Surf-tastic Timepieces for Gift Giving

Okay, so we know that the gift giving, winter holidays are not here yet. But that doesn't mean it isn't time to start thinking about what to get the sporty loved ones in your life. A gift that tends to be very popular with surfers of all ages is a Quiksilver watch. They come in a variety of watch styles and colors that may seem overwhelming at first. Thus, we’ve decided to spotlight some of them in today’s post in hopes that it will make your upcoming shopping experiences smooth as the best barrel rides at Barra de la Cruz:

1.) Moondak Tide Watch
If your loveable surfer has a major case of wave inspired wanderlust, consider going for the Quiksilver Moondak Tide Watch. It will help him or her find the biggest waves, 24/7 in Lanzarote, Teahupoo, Tauranga Bay, Punta Hermosa, Sendai and all of our planet’s other primo surf spots. Plus, it has the capability to countdown the minutes left in a heat and store crucial data needed to perfect one’s surfing skills.

2.) Fragment Watch
For surfers that love to wear brightly colored boardshorts, hoodies, t-shirts, rash guards and other sports apparel, check out the Quiksilver Fragment Watch. It doesn’t contain tide data but its funky hues and night dial glow make it one standout timepiece. Features that your surfer family and friends may adore include the ability to store data, send out an alarm and show the current date.

3.) Line Up Youth Watch
The same features and colorful appearance may also be found in Quiksilver’s Line Up Youth Collection of surfers’ digital watches. So don’t forget about the groms on your gift short list. The watches come with their own great looking display case and would pair well with a Quiksilver Hot Dog Beanie or other bold colored hat.

4.) Darkslide Watch
Last on our highlight list of the day is the classic Quiksilver’s Darkslide Watch. It’s a beautiful, solid stainless steel, analog timepiece with a lot of character. We’d suggest giving it to the surfer on your list that likes to occasionally trade in those beachside fish tacos for a seat at an upscale, seafood restaurant. It would also look great on the wrist during those sponsorship negotiations and surf awards ceremonies.

To learn more about all of the previously mentioned surfers’ watches and others before the 2014 holiday gift giving season gets underway, please contact us.

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