Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Surfer Cool: 5 Hot Hurley Items for Laid Back Guys

With fall’s chill already in the air, it’s high time to go through the closet and take stock of your guy’s wardrobe. If it’s not up to surfing snuff, take a few measurements and go shopping for some of the best Hurley apparel. After all, no matter how hard he protests, your sexy surfer is going to need more than just a drawer full of ratty boardshorts to get through the season. That said, here are five Hurley items with the power to heat up a beach shack:

1.) Hurley Button Down Shirts
There is nothing that works better for those casual, fall days at the surfboard shaper’s shop than a Hurley button down shirt. Many are lined and fashioned out of heavy duty fabrics. So those cold ocean breezes aren't likely to give him the goose bumps when he steps outside to check the tide. Plus, the shirts frequently come equipped with dual chest pockets where he can stash his extra cash.

2.) Hurley Polo Shirts
If he’s not much of a long sleeve loving kind of guy, you could stock up on Hurley polos instead. They may not do much to keep his arms warm, but he could always pair them with a thermal undershirt or jacket should the fall weather warrant as much.

3.) Hurley Sweaters
For those days when mom decides to invite everyone over for dinner, we’d suggest picking up a handful of Hurley sweaters. A large number of them are made with 12gg yarn and pure cotton. Therefore, he’s less apt to sweat and fidget uncomfortably when dad brings up sensitive topics like weddings and grandchildren.

4.) Hurley Hoodies
Of course not all of his waking moments will be spent working or chatting up the potential in-laws. So you’d better think about tossing some Hurley Hoodies into the shopping cart too. The hoodies are perfect for those weekends when he wants to kick back and watch ASP surfing events. Can anyone say Maui’s Women’s Pro or Hurley Pro at Trestles?

5.) Hurley Beanies
And speaking of covering one’s head, why not snap up some Hurley beanies as well? Typically fashioned out of moisture wicking acrylic, they tend to come in two great styles. One features a cable knit cuff and the other doesn’t. Either way, both will help him stay warm and look smokin’ hot in the process.

To find these fine-looking Hurley clothes for autumn and other items that any surfer would be proud to own, please contact us.

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