Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hurley Rash Guards Save Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why surfers wear t-shirts or long sleeve shirts in the ocean while they're surfing?  Obviously they're not ashamed of their bodies, surfing develops muscles and gives surfers a toned appearance. The shirts aren't just to protect against sun exposure, most surfers wear sunscreen and their skin has adjusted to the sun with a solid tan but they have the dual purpose of offering UV protection as well.  The shirts surfers wear while surfing the waves are called rash guards.

Rash guards protect the surfers from abrasions and rashes that could occur from sliding on and off their surfboards.  The wax on the surfboards attracts sand that could really grate on the skin while paddling out to the big waves, if they didn't have a protective shirt. Rash guards can also be used for other water sports and they are a great alternative to wet suits when the weather is warm. has an outstanding selection of Hurley rash guards.  They offer long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards. The Hurley rash guards are typically made from light weight 5oz, four way stretch Lycra, or four way stretch polyester that has an SPF rating of between 30 and 40.  So these thin, flexible rash guards will protect you from the waves and the sun without impeding your movements. Surfers love the classic styling of Hurley apparel.
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