Thursday, August 28, 2014

From Quiksilver Luggage to a Tide Watch, 4 Gifts the Surfer in Your Life Will Appreciate

Do you have a surf lover in your life? If you do and you're looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, we're here to help. While you may think purchasing a surf themed present is beyond your scope of knowledge, the truth is, your options go far beyond the technical side of the sport. Instead of concentrating on replacement fins and ding repair kits, consider the funnier side of surfing by browsing the newest apparel styles. If you're still feeling a bit unsure of what to get the surfer in your life, we've listed 5 foolproof gifts below. 

1. For the constantly traveling surfer, why not get them a great piece of luggage. Not only will they be able to comfortably carry all their surfing needs from beach to beach, but they'll also be doing it in style when you buy them a surfboard bag. You can even go one step further by purchasing a travel kit to hold their smaller necessities. 

2. Every surfer needs a few stylish pairs of boardshorts. Whether bright neon colors are their thing or they prefer a wild pattern, you'll for sure find a pair that matches their fashion sense. While shopping, don't forget to consider the length of the boardshort. Some surfers like their shorts to hit just above their knee while others would rather wear a short that falls somewhere in the middle. 

3. A surfer can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Unfortunately, the hours they spend surfing puts them in direct contact with the sun, which can cause extensive damage to their skin and eyes. That's why, buying them a great pair of sunglasses not only ups their style, but also protects them from the elements. 

4. A tide watch is the perfect gift for the devoted surfer. While there are a variety of tide watches to choose from, you'll find many of them have pre-programed tide charts, timers, and wave counters. The functions of a tide watch aren't the only reason why it's an excellent present, it's ability to surf the waves with its wearer also makes it an ideal gift.

If you're looking to buy the surfer in your life a gift, please contact us today to view our large inventory of surfing apparel and accessories.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What to Pack Before Leaving For Your Next Surfing Vacation

From the anticipation to the adrenaline rush of catching that first wave, nothing beats traveling to a new destination to surf. Whether you've already booked a flight or you're still searching for the perfect spot, a surf vacation is a time to discover an unfamiliar setting while participating in an activity you love. However, to fully enjoy your trip there are a few items you'll need to add to your packing list before boarding your flight.

  • While packing your surfboard is pretty obvious, you also need to ensure you've invested in a sturdy travel bag that will protect it. Otherwise, you won't get a whole lot of surfing done with a board that has sustained damage during your journey. If you have the option, you may want to consider bringing a second board as back up, just in case your surfboard breaks while you're out on the water.
  • Adding a small ding repair kit to your travel bag is a must. A severely dinged surfboard, with no repair kit in sight, is definitely one of the fastest ways of ruining your surf vacation fun.
  • Don't leave home without your surfboard wax. Make sure you pack enough to last you the whole trip. You may even want to bring a little extra in case a new acquaintance is running low.
  • Packing easily replaceable parts, such as, spare fins and a spare leash or two is always a wise choice. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without either of these parts on hand can equal an entire day of your surfing vacation lost to hunting down replacement gear.
  • Once you've researched the conditions of the area you're visiting, be sure to pack proper surfwear. Hitting the waves wearing inappropriate gear can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.
  • As you probably know, injuries happen while surfing. Whether its a small cut or a sprained ankle, having a first aid kit handy to sanitize and patch up the damage is crucial to your health. You should also pack a tube of sunscreen to protect yourself from the unforgiving sunlight, you will definitely encounter.

If you're looking to load up on the proper equipment for your surf vacation, please contact us today to view our large assortment of surf gear.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hurley Rash Guards Save Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why surfers wear t-shirts or long sleeve shirts in the ocean while they're surfing?  Obviously they're not ashamed of their bodies, surfing develops muscles and gives surfers a toned appearance. The shirts aren't just to protect against sun exposure, most surfers wear sunscreen and their skin has adjusted to the sun with a solid tan but they have the dual purpose of offering UV protection as well.  The shirts surfers wear while surfing the waves are called rash guards.

Rash guards protect the surfers from abrasions and rashes that could occur from sliding on and off their surfboards.  The wax on the surfboards attracts sand that could really grate on the skin while paddling out to the big waves, if they didn't have a protective shirt. Rash guards can also be used for other water sports and they are a great alternative to wet suits when the weather is warm. has an outstanding selection of Hurley rash guards.  They offer long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards. The Hurley rash guards are typically made from light weight 5oz, four way stretch Lycra, or four way stretch polyester that has an SPF rating of between 30 and 40.  So these thin, flexible rash guards will protect you from the waves and the sun without impeding your movements. Surfers love the classic styling of Hurley apparel.
When you need to outfit yourself for a day on the waves, contact us at  We have the greatest variety of surfing equipment and apparel.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quiksilver Flip Flops

Summer is made for outdoor fun. Whether you're having fun at the beach, barbecuing with friends, or just enjoying the warm weather, flip flops are a must-have summer accessory.

Flip flops may be the type of shoe with the greatest variety in quality.  Every summer retailers mass-produce flip flops, so that people can literally buy disposable flip flops for under a dollar a pair.  Of course, you get what you pay for, and dollar flip flops fall apart easily and offer no arch support and no traction.  Flip flops can be extremely comfortable and built to last if you purchase a quality brand.

You might be surprised to learn that Quiksilver, most known for its quality surf apparel, makes many different styles of flip flops. Whether you want flexible rubber flip flops, or sturdy leather flip flops or anything in between, Quiksilver makes a style that will suit your comfort needs, be practical for every day use, and look good. 

In fact, at, we sell 38 different styles of Quiksilver flip flops.  So, if you want the most variety in flip flops possible, with a known name brand design, you should check out our online store that specifically serves the surfing community and people who appreciate the surfing culture.  Flip flops are popular with surfers, because unlike sandals, they don't trap the sand uncomfortably in your shoes.  Whether you plan on hitting the beach or not, flip flops are trendy summer shoes for everyone.

If you need to update your summer time shoes, please contact us for quiksilver flip flops, and all your other beach necessities.