Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quiksilver's New Bonded Boardshort Pushes Boundaries

Quiksilver, one the leading manufacturers of boardshorts for competitive and non-competitive surfboarding, continues to push the boundaries of men's boardshorts.

The new AG47 New Wave Bonded boardshort mixes the most progressive technology with a sleek design that will most surely change how some manufacturers produce their products, and will perhaps set a new standard in boardshorts.

"The AG47 New Wave Bonded boardshort represents the next step in the evolution of Quiksilver's dedication to providing the best products in the surf market." said Nick Drake, the main man in charge of marketing at the venerable surfwear company.

But what makes the new AG47 boardshort so spectacular, innovative, high- performance, and cutting edge?The secret lies in the fabric. The proprietary product that pushes the bar ever-so high is a type of "Dry Flat" technology that acts as a repellent for water, thanks in part to a four-way stretch pattern (and some Scotchgard Protector Repellent) that work together to bead the water up, and roll it off. Keeping you dry and nimble. Combine that with the textile design of laser-cut, heat-welded panels for optimum strength and a reduced weight, and what you have is an exceedingly comfortable material that isn't prone to chafing, and is comfortable beyond belief.

Top it all off with a draw-string cinch tie, which keep your shorts in place while sailing the high seas, a rayon dobby waistband, and a stealthily-designed back zipper pocket to house all of your essentials, and the AG47's are starting to sound like the coolest boardshort on the market.

And for your trivia buffs out there, the name AG47 is a surreptitious play on words that Quiksilver thought would be clever for its throng of adoring fans. On the Periodic Table of Elements, "AG" is the symbol for silver, and 47 is its organizational number. How about that.

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