Thursday, July 10, 2014

Keep Your Surfboard Safe With Proper Storage

Surfing on a damaged board is never ideal and can truly affect the quality of your surfing experience. For that reason alone, keeping your board safe should always be a top priority. Although you may not be able to stop dings from occurring while you're riding the waves, you can protect your surfboard from getting battered and bruised in storage. Following the guidelines provided below will help you properly maintain your surfboard.

Don't Forget The Board Bag
Transporting your surfboard to and from the beach is a hazardous situation. No matter how careful you are, if you don't bag your board, it's bound to come face to face with some type of mishap. By simply keeping your board in a protective bag, you're eliminating its chance of becoming damaged during transportation which not only saves you money on repairs, but it also keeps you and your surfboard from missing any days in the water.

Don't Store It In The Sun
The sun and the heat are your board's biggest enemy when it comes to storage. Leaving your surfboard in the sun for a prolonged amount of time causes it to yellow while also weakening the board's fiberglass coating. When it comes to storing your board, it's best to place it in a cool and shady area; otherwise your surfboard will need to be prematurely replaced.

Don't Let Your Board Fall
Investing in a surfboard wall rack can decrease the chances of your board taking a tumble while in storage. Not only is a rack a smart investment, but it also saves you space and enables you to house your board almost anywhere.

Don't Leave Your Surfboard Untreated
Whether your board receives a ding while in the water or while in storage, it's absolutely necessary to repair the damage as soon as possible. Untreated cracks and holes can have an adverse affect on your surfboard's performance. A puncture left unfixed will result in water leaking into the inner foam core of your surfboard which can cause multiple issues. To avoid such a problem, simply repair your board in a timely manner.

Following the suggestions above can prolong the life of your surfboard, however, if your board has seen better days and you're in need of a new one, please contact us us today to view our large inventory of surfboards.

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