Friday, July 18, 2014

Boardshorts and Other Surfing Gear More than Fashion

We obviously aren't opposed to people wearing boardshorts for whatever reason they want. We aren't the surf-fashion police. But for professional surfers, boardshorts and other surfing gear are more than fashion. They are designed for specific purposes and elements that make surfing safe and help to increase performance.

Here's the breakdown...


It's true, that for the most part people wear nearly identical boardshorts when they are going to the beach, as when they are surfing. But between these two, there are huge differences. For instance boardshorts are designed not to come off when the water gets rough (can you imagine?!). They are also designed to dry quickly, reduce water-weight, and remain chafe-free. Overall, they are designed to let you focus on the waves, not on your clothes.

Rash Guards

They may look like regular tee shirts, but rash guards are anything but. Usually made from Lycra, rash guard clothing is intended to protect you from the sun and inhibit rashes that may form due to extreme movement, water, and pressure. They are meant to replace cotton tee shirts that, let's be honest, probably aren't the most comfortable or useful things to to be wearing when hitting the waves.


Finally, there's wetsuits (which we don't sell... but it rounds out the category). Not all surfing takes place in tropical climates, surrounded by palm trees (Cleveland, Ohio for example). There are many surfing destinations where wetsuits are required because cold weather surfing is something that is very real and, if you aren't clothed properly, can be quite dangerous.

Wetsuits come in a ton of varieties (spring suit, short john, long john, hooded full suit, etc.), but which one you choose comes down to personal choice and the temperature you'll be enduring.

So remember, the next time you put on your favorite boardshorts for a day lounging around the pool or swimming down at the beach, that every pair of boardshorts available for relaxation, also serve a greater purpose in the surfing world.

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