Friday, April 25, 2014

Volcom Boardshorts and the ALAS Latin Tour: Perfect Together

Have you been following the Association of Latin American Professional Surfers’ Latin Tour? If not, you might want to rethink that decision. Given the amount of talent involved, the longstanding, International Surfing Association recognized series is truly exciting to follow. The last ALAS tour stop took place at the end of March 2014 in San Lorenzo, Ecuador. And Volcom boardshort fans got to witness surfer Carlos Muñoz absolutely kill it. He won the event with a final score of 16.34 after taking down Venezuelan powerhouse, Francisco Bellorin.

So how did Muñoz wipe out the hyper-talented competition at San Lorenzo? By taking to the air numerous times and making the most of rail to rail, combo maneuvers, that’s how! Of course fans of “The Flying Costa Rican” expected him to unleash as much. The 21-year old surfer has been tearing up the surf circuit in his boardshorts for some time now. That’s partially why the Esterillos native ended up gracing the cover of Surfing Magazine in September 2013.

Now that the San Lorenzo stop is part of the record books, Muñoz and his Volcom boardshorts’ clad fans won’t have time to rest on their laurels though. That’s because the next ALAS Latin Tour stop is slated to take place at Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa in early May. From there, the surfing series is scheduled to continue all the way through December 2014. Just in case you decide to tune in, the list of subsequent tour stops for the summer include:
  • Chile’s Dome Beach, June 6th
  • Chile’s Iquique Beach, June 20th
  • Venezuela’s Caracas Beach, August 1st

Once the summer ends, the ALAS Latin Tour will be hitting the beaches of Peru, the Republic Friday, El Salvador, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela. So stocking up on Volcom boardshorts between now and the tour’s end is something to consider. To check out which Volcom boardshorts would be perfect for tackling the waves of Latin America and beyond, please contact us. We’ve got all of the most sought after Volcom boardshorts and walk shorts imaginable. Among them are Pixelater, Megla Circle Nanos, Frickin’Too Chinos and 38ERs.

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