Thursday, April 3, 2014

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Offered Fans Edge of Your Boardshorts Moments

The events at the recent Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2014 certainly had surf fans holding onto their boardshorts and surfboards in anticipation. The Roxy surfers were really on fire, especially Stephanie “Happy” Gilmore. The 26-year old Aussie sported her best boardshorts and battled her way into the semifinals to face one of her toughest competitors, Carissa Moore.

It wasn't an uneventful climb to the upper echelon either. The event was plagued by periodic delays, broken surfboards and the capture of an 11-foot long shark. Thankfully, none of the Roxy surfers were injured in the process. But it wasn't all delays and sharks of course. There were plenty of nail-biting, boardshorts clenching moments to go around.

One of our favorites was Round 3 when Gilmore faced off against fierce competitors, Paige Hareb and Courtney Conlogue. Although all three ladies worked hard to hold their own, we think that Gilmore really rocked it. Sporting a yellow top and black boardshorts, she nailed a long line of surfing maneuvers right out of the gate that earned her a fantastic 8.67 points. Afterward, she backed it up with an equally stellar 7.67 ride, edging out Conlogue for the overall win by a mere 1.5 points. Conlogue's final score was a 14.84 and Hareb closed out the round with a 5.83.

In the Quarterfinals, Gilmore displayed her dominance once again and beat Conlogue by 1.93 points. Talk about a hair-raiser! But then again, fans have come to expect such spine-tingling displays from the natural-footed, multi ASP Women's World Champion. Over the years, they've also come to admire her philanthropy and fashion sense as well.

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