Friday, April 25, 2014

Volcom Boardshorts and the ALAS Latin Tour: Perfect Together

Have you been following the Association of Latin American Professional Surfers’ Latin Tour? If not, you might want to rethink that decision. Given the amount of talent involved, the longstanding, International Surfing Association recognized series is truly exciting to follow. The last ALAS tour stop took place at the end of March 2014 in San Lorenzo, Ecuador. And Volcom boardshort fans got to witness surfer Carlos Muñoz absolutely kill it. He won the event with a final score of 16.34 after taking down Venezuelan powerhouse, Francisco Bellorin.

So how did Muñoz wipe out the hyper-talented competition at San Lorenzo? By taking to the air numerous times and making the most of rail to rail, combo maneuvers, that’s how! Of course fans of “The Flying Costa Rican” expected him to unleash as much. The 21-year old surfer has been tearing up the surf circuit in his boardshorts for some time now. That’s partially why the Esterillos native ended up gracing the cover of Surfing Magazine in September 2013.

Now that the San Lorenzo stop is part of the record books, Muñoz and his Volcom boardshorts’ clad fans won’t have time to rest on their laurels though. That’s because the next ALAS Latin Tour stop is slated to take place at Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa in early May. From there, the surfing series is scheduled to continue all the way through December 2014. Just in case you decide to tune in, the list of subsequent tour stops for the summer include:
  • Chile’s Dome Beach, June 6th
  • Chile’s Iquique Beach, June 20th
  • Venezuela’s Caracas Beach, August 1st

Once the summer ends, the ALAS Latin Tour will be hitting the beaches of Peru, the Republic Friday, El Salvador, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela. So stocking up on Volcom boardshorts between now and the tour’s end is something to consider. To check out which Volcom boardshorts would be perfect for tackling the waves of Latin America and beyond, please contact us. We’ve got all of the most sought after Volcom boardshorts and walk shorts imaginable. Among them are Pixelater, Megla Circle Nanos, Frickin’Too Chinos and 38ERs.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have Surfboard, Will Travel to San Diego for Surf Film Festival 2014

In no time at all, surfers will be packing up their surfboards and traveling to San Diego for the Annual Surf Film Festival kickoff. Are you hoping to be one of the surfing fans in attendance? If so, there’s no time like the present to prepare for the trip. Here’s the short skinny on this year’s film fest basics:

The event will be taking place on West Morena Boulevard from May 7th until the 10th and tickets are available online. There will be more than 25 different surf films on offer at the festival and plenty of opportunities to rub elbows with other surfing fans. In some instances, the ticket price includes admission to before and after parties.

As far as the films go, the lineup is gnarly. It includes feature films like Jack Coleman’s Groove Move, Matt Katsolis’ Fading West, Ryan Lovelace’s Almost Cut My Hair and the Homcys' Beyond the Surface. There’s also a long line of short films that will be factored into the mix too. Among them are world premiers of Marcus MacFarlane’s Danny Daniels: A Surfer’s Story, Tim Davies’ Sea Fever, Kevin Voegtlin's Under the Desert Sun and Derek Dunfee’s Twig: A Calculated Madness.

If you do decide to go to San Diego for the fest, make sure that you have enough surfboard travel bags, board socks and surf luggage to get you there and back in style. That way, you can hit the beach each morning before the afternoon and evening movie premiers’ kickoff. Stuffing some Quiksilver beach towels, Dakine surfboard leashes, a pair of sunglasses, Hurley boardshorts and a few extra bars of Sticky Bumps into your overnight bag might be a good idea too.

To secure those items at the lowest price and snag free, economy shipping on select orders, please contact us toll-free at (877) 346-4410 today.  At, we've got all of the best items for traveling to and from surf film festivals here and abroad.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Every Surfer Needs to Wear a Surfboard Leash

The surfboard leash, initially known as the “kook cord” has been a staple in surf safety since the 1970's. Originally made from surgical tubing and later bungee chord, the first few incarnations of the surf leash brought a mixture of safety and danger to the sport. While the leash minimized the hazards of a runaway surfboard, it also had the potential to cause injuries to the surfer using it.

Thankfully, innovations were made and the bungee chord was replaced with a urethane leash, making it much safer for the surfer utilizing the tool. Whether you're a pro or you're just starting off, wearing a surfboard leash is a must, and if you disagree below we've listed a few reasons that may help change your mind.

1. Wearing a leash eliminates your need to swim long distances to collect your surfboard. Which translates into more surfing due to the saved time and energy.

2. Nobody wants to be the cause of another person's injuries and that is exactly what can occur when you don't wear a leg leash. A loose board has the potential to hurt a fellow surfer or even a bystander. Using a leash significantly cuts back on the probability of that happening and you may be surprised to find out that many beaches have laws enforcing the use of surfboard leashes.

3. While recognizing your physical limits is important when you're taking on a sport like surfing, there are times when a rip current may end up taking you to an unfamiliar or an unwanted area. Luckily, if you have a leash attached to you, your board will be nearby, so stay calm and keep afloat by grabbing onto your board.

Choosing A Surfboard Leash
When your shopping for your surf leash there are a few facts you need to keep in mind before making a final purchase.

1. A thicker leash is stronger but produces more drag. While a thinner leash is weaker but creates less drag.

2. Thinner leashes are ideal for surfing small waves and thicker leashes are sturdy enough to take on larger waves.

3. The length of your leash should be equal to or longer than the length of your surfboard.

If you're looking for a surf leash or you're in need of a new surfboard, please contact us today to view our large inventory of surf gear.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Offered Fans Edge of Your Boardshorts Moments

The events at the recent Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2014 certainly had surf fans holding onto their boardshorts and surfboards in anticipation. The Roxy surfers were really on fire, especially Stephanie “Happy” Gilmore. The 26-year old Aussie sported her best boardshorts and battled her way into the semifinals to face one of her toughest competitors, Carissa Moore.

It wasn't an uneventful climb to the upper echelon either. The event was plagued by periodic delays, broken surfboards and the capture of an 11-foot long shark. Thankfully, none of the Roxy surfers were injured in the process. But it wasn't all delays and sharks of course. There were plenty of nail-biting, boardshorts clenching moments to go around.

One of our favorites was Round 3 when Gilmore faced off against fierce competitors, Paige Hareb and Courtney Conlogue. Although all three ladies worked hard to hold their own, we think that Gilmore really rocked it. Sporting a yellow top and black boardshorts, she nailed a long line of surfing maneuvers right out of the gate that earned her a fantastic 8.67 points. Afterward, she backed it up with an equally stellar 7.67 ride, edging out Conlogue for the overall win by a mere 1.5 points. Conlogue's final score was a 14.84 and Hareb closed out the round with a 5.83.

In the Quarterfinals, Gilmore displayed her dominance once again and beat Conlogue by 1.93 points. Talk about a hair-raiser! But then again, fans have come to expect such spine-tingling displays from the natural-footed, multi ASP Women's World Champion. Over the years, they've also come to admire her philanthropy and fashion sense as well.

Being a Roxy surfer, Gilmore frequently sports the company's stylish boardshorts. And thanks to our vast inventory, you can too. At, we’ve got Roxy Classic Boardshorts, surf shirts, rash guards, beach tees, sunglasses and more. To learn more about them, please contact us toll-free at (877) 346-4410.