Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hurley Pro Surfer Kolohe Andino to Celebrate a Birthday in March

Do you know which Hurley pro surfer is slated to celebrate a birthday in March 2014? It’s Kolohe “Brother” Andino that’s who! The popular San Clemente, California surfer will be blowing out 20 candles on the 22nd. So we wanted to temporarily shine a spotlight onto the natural footed American this week and his rockin’ surf apparel.

The soon-to-be 20 year old has been rising through the Association of Surfing Professionals’ ranks sporting his Hurley Phantom boardshorts and tees along the way. He closed out the 2013 ASP Men’s World Rankings in 17th place and even snagged a January 2014 interview with Red Bull. So who knows how far the Brother Man will go in the weeks ahead.

If anything, he’s apt to at least look good while trying to out maneuver the competition. That’s because Hurley Phantom boardshorts come in several great styles and colors. A few of the Hurley Phantom boardshort styles known to have been worn by Kolohe Andino in the past are the BlockParty, Fuse and One & Only.

The Hurley Phantom Bloc Party boardshorts are really fabulous. They are made with a proprietary, water repellent, stretchy fabric known as the P60. So they are likely to move with Kolohe Andino as he tackles those rags rights and not against him. In addition, the boardshorts don’t have an inseam. As such, that should cut down on any uncomfortable episodes of chaffing.

When it comes to matching Hurley t-shirts, Andino will clearly have his pick of stylish winners. And you can too. At, we have many Hurley tees in stock, including One & Only and Block Party styles. To learn more about them and grab outfits that match Kolohe Andino’s style, please contact us. We promise to beat the “other guy’s” lower prices on Hurley apparel by a notable 10 percent. Check out all of our great offerings and see.

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