Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hurley Pro Surfer Kolohe Andino to Celebrate a Birthday in March

Do you know which Hurley pro surfer is slated to celebrate a birthday in March 2014? It’s Kolohe “Brother” Andino that’s who! The popular San Clemente, California surfer will be blowing out 20 candles on the 22nd. So we wanted to temporarily shine a spotlight onto the natural footed American this week and his rockin’ surf apparel.

The soon-to-be 20 year old has been rising through the Association of Surfing Professionals’ ranks sporting his Hurley Phantom boardshorts and tees along the way. He closed out the 2013 ASP Men’s World Rankings in 17th place and even snagged a January 2014 interview with Red Bull. So who knows how far the Brother Man will go in the weeks ahead.

If anything, he’s apt to at least look good while trying to out maneuver the competition. That’s because Hurley Phantom boardshorts come in several great styles and colors. A few of the Hurley Phantom boardshort styles known to have been worn by Kolohe Andino in the past are the BlockParty, Fuse and One & Only.

The Hurley Phantom Bloc Party boardshorts are really fabulous. They are made with a proprietary, water repellent, stretchy fabric known as the P60. So they are likely to move with Kolohe Andino as he tackles those rags rights and not against him. In addition, the boardshorts don’t have an inseam. As such, that should cut down on any uncomfortable episodes of chaffing.

When it comes to matching Hurley t-shirts, Andino will clearly have his pick of stylish winners. And you can too. At, we have many Hurley tees in stock, including One & Only and Block Party styles. To learn more about them and grab outfits that match Kolohe Andino’s style, please contact us. We promise to beat the “other guy’s” lower prices on Hurley apparel by a notable 10 percent. Check out all of our great offerings and see.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making the Right Decisions when Shopping for Surfboards

Although buying a surfboard can be as simple as placing an order online, taking your time with this process can ensure that you are more than satisfied with the outcome. It is important to understand that there are many factors that can have a positive or negative impact on your surfing experience, and you should be confident that the decisions you make will lead to positive results.

If you are partial to certain beaches, take a look at the locals and see what surfboards they are using to catch the breaks that you are interested in riding. It may be slightly challenging and time-consuming to get answers from several surfers, but you will find that this is extremely helpful when shopping for surfboards. Another detail to consider is the flotation capability of a surfboard, and this is because you should make sure to get a surfboard that will be able to keep your afloat while you are in the water.

While some surfboards may be extremely tempting due to their appearance alone, you should make sure to prioritize quality and performance. It is possible to get the best of both worlds, but it is also crucial to realize that your surfing experience will be greatly determined by the quality of your board. Although it may seem like a minor detail, you should keep safety and control in mind, and this is because certain surfboards deserve certain accessories, such as pointed surfboards and nose guards.

It is possible to catch plenty of waves on any surfboard when you are an exceptional swimmer, but you may be interested in catching as many waves as possible. In this case, you will want to look into surfboards that are rather thick and long. While you should be able to enjoy surfing with any surfboard, taking these details into consideration and being willing to contact us with any questions will ensure that you purchase a surfboard that fits your wants and needs perfectly.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Raise Your Surfboard in the Air and Celebrate Pauline Ado’s Birthday

On Valentine’s Day 2014 there’s a lot more for surfers to celebrate than romance. That’s because it also happens to be the 23rd birthday of one very talented, French pro surfer. Yes, we are talking about Rip Curl’s own Pauline "Popo" Ado. So get out your surfboards and raise them in the air for Pauline.

In 2013, she did really well at the Swatch Girls Pro France and the Supergirl Pro, taking 3rd place at both events. Unfortunately, she finished the season 9th when it came to the ASP Women’s World Title. Nonetheless, her fans haven’t given up hope of seeing her claim the number one spot sometime in the not so distant future.

For surf fans unfamiliar with Popo, she’s known to don her Rip Curl surf apparel and bust out bodacious barrels when the waves are right. She can also deliver a tremendous tail slide. Her sports career stretches back years and includes an impressive run with the International Surfing Association. It was during that time that she took home the 2006 World Junior Surfing Championship Title for her native country. By 2008, she was pulling down junior title wins on the ASP circuit. Now, she’s a frequent face at many popular surfing competitions around the world.

Rip Curl isn't her only sponsor either. She’s also presently supported by FCS Fins, Oakley eyewear and several more companies. So why not don some of Pauline Ado’s surf apparel this February, grab a surfboard and hit the waves. After all, the water is warm somewhere. If you’re not in the position to break out your surfboard, at least consider dusting off the balance board and your Rip Curl beach towel for an indoor practice sesh. It should at least help to keep your skills sharp for spring.

To discover more surfboards and surf apparel to get you through the months ahead, be sure to contact us. At Surfboards Etc., we carry top name surf brands at reasonable prices.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 Exercises to Improve Your Core Strength and Increase Your Endurance and Power While Surfing

Adding core strengthening to your workout schedule is an excellent way for you to improve your power and stability which are both critical to advancing your surfing skills. Your bodies core, which is the area around your pelvis and trunk, is where your center of gravity lies. Strengthening this area provides you with numerous benefits, such as, a more stable balance, better control over your movements, and an increase to your endurance. Listed below are 3 core exercises that will help you up your surfing game in no time.

Lower Back Muscles
This is a simple exercise that you can do just about anywhere. First you'll need to lie flat on your stomach, preferably on a mat, with your arms extended in front of you and your legs nice and straight behind you. Next, you're going to lift all four of your limbs at the same time. If you are new to core training, it's wise to begin by holding the position for 2 seconds and only doing 5 repetitions. As your strength improves, you can increase the time and number of reps you wish to do. This exercise can greatly enhance your paddling endurance.

Bridge Exercise
Another easy but efficient exercise that works multiple core muscles is the bridge. Lying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground with around 6 inches separating them. Your arms should be by your sides with your palms facing the ground. After tightening you abdominal muscles, slowly lift you hips off of the ground while keeping your feet flat. Once your hips are aligned with your knees and shoulders, hold the position for 3 seconds. To begin with, try doing 3 sets of 5 reps. Overtime, you can hold the position for a longer period,  and double the number of reps and sets you do.

Basic Plank
The basic plank is going to help you increase your stability by working your abdomen, hips, and back muscles. To begin, lie face down on a mat with your elbows and forearms bent beneath your chest. Next you are going to prop yourself up using your forearms and toes. It is crucial that you keep your back straight and that you don't allow your hips to dip towards the floor. If you are concerned with achieving the proper posture, try performing the plank in front of a mirror until you've grown accustomed to the positioning. In the beginning, your goal is to hold this form for at least 10 seconds while tightening you abdominal muscles. As the weeks pass and you grow stronger, you should gradually increase your holding time.

Your fitness level plays a large part in your surfing ability. Staying in shape and focusing on strengthening your core will help you become a better surfer through improved balance, endurance, and power. If you need of a new surfboard or looking for a certain surfing accessory, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.