Thursday, January 23, 2014

Surfing Basics Every Newcomer Should Learn

If you've decided surfing is the sport for you, but you have no clue where to begin, we would like to offer you a few words of advice. While professional surfers make riding the waves look effortless, getting to that point took not only commitment, but also a large amount of hard work. Starting off your journey by learning some basic but important surfing techniques is the first step to becoming a seasoned surfer.

Are You Natural or Are You Goofy
Before you even step onto a surfboard, you should discover whether your footwork will be natural or goofy. If your scratching your head at the terminology, let us take a second to explain. Everybody's body has an organic sense of balance. For instance, imagine you're sliding down a dirt hill while standing up. Now ask yourself which foot you would put in front, to keep from tumbling over. If it's your left foot, your stance is natural, and if it's your right foot, your stance is goofy.

Paddling Position
Having a good paddling technique is crucial to catching the best waves. The first step to learning how to paddle correctly is finding the proper positioning on your surfboard. Your body should be located just far enough back to make the nose of your surfboard rise a few inches out of the water. Though, if you position yourself too far back the surfboards nose will end up too high and you will have difficulty paddling against the water. On the other hand, if you are to close to the front of the board the nose will end up underneath the water and you will most likely fall off.

Once you are in the right spot, your next step is arching your back and lifting your feet slightly out of the water. Remember, at this point your feet and legs should be together. This is not an easy position, and beginners may find it difficult to carry out for long periods of time. Performing core strengthening exercises is an excellent way to improve on your execution of the paddling position.

Now Comes The Actual Paddling
Now that you are positioned comfortably on your board, you need to learn how to paddle successfully through the water. As always, balance is important and sometimes difficult to maintain while you're learning to paddle. If you find yourself struggling, allow your legs to part slightly. This will make controlling your balance a bit easier, but don't let this become a habit you have difficulty breaking in the future. As you paddle, you are going extend your arm towards the nose of the board. Your hand should be cupped as you push your arm through the water. Once your first arm has passed through you should continue your stroke with your second arm. If your exploring paddling for the first time, it's not a bad idea to practice on flat water, instead of jumping into more difficult situations.

If you're on a quest to learn how to surf, please contact us, to purchase the right surfboard and equipment to get you started.

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