Monday, January 13, 2014

Quiksilver Pro Kelly Slater Continues to Impress Surf Fans

Although he got bested by Aussie Mick Fanning for the ASP World Championship, Quiksilver pro Kelly Slater had a solid season in 2013. The soon-to-be 42 year old icon finished the Men’s ASP World Title race in a respectable second place and landed in sixth place overall. Oh and let’s not forget his sick performance at the Billabong Pipe Masters in December 2013. He truly showed 21 year old Hurley pro, John John Florence, that age is nothing but a number.

All that aside, when Slater isn’t delivering epic barrels, he’s known to keep rather busy. There’s this charitable endeavors and surfboard shaping work to consider. In addition, he’s managed to help his sponsors produce some of the best surf apparel around. We know that for certain because at Surfboards Etc., we keep Slater’s Quiksilver boardshorts in stock.

Two of the most popular designs at this time are the Under the Radar and Slater boardshorts in original red. Both pairs of boardshorts are exceptionally nice because they reconfirm Slater’s ongoing commitment towards preserving the marine environment. The Under the Radar boardshorts have been designated an eco-friendly product and the Slater Originals are made with recycled materials too. So you can feel really good about sporting Quiksilver and Slater’s label.

Of course surf apparel isn’t the only merchandising category where Kelly Slater rocks. He also makes a gnarly FCS surfboard fin template. We carry those products too. Look for the FCS K2.1 and FCS K3 Kelly Slater Green Flex Surfboard Fin Sets and you’ll be able to see precisely what we mean. They are each designed to help give surfers greater control when it comes to executing aerials, turns and barrels.

With that said, we can’t wait to see what Kelly Slater has in store for his fans in the weeks ahead. Here’s hoping that he’ll rip it up on the tour front and continue releasing additional, top-notch surf gear. To learn more about Quiksilver pro Kelly Slater’s latest offerings, be sure to contact us. As longtime surfers and members of the Board Retailers Association, you can count on us treating you right.

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