Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Safely Introduce Your Child to Surfing

If your child has shown an interest in surfing, now may be the perfect time for them to enter the sport. While the thought of your son or daughter in the ocean, battling waves, may cause you some anxiety, supporting their inclination to explore the sport is important. Listed below are five steps that can help you, safely introduce your child to surfing.
Where to Start
An obvious beginning point is confirming your child is a strong enough swimmer. Knowing how to breathe properly and how to tread water are both critical abilities for your child to have when venturing into the world of surfing. Once they are competent pool swimmers, get them use to swimming in the sea. While the same techniques are employed in both settings, the ocean is filled with many more obstacle and can be quite frightening. Building your son or daughters confidence by exposing them to the sea before they hop on their first surfboard, lays the groundwork for them to become skillful surfers.
Testing The Waters
If your child seems hesitant about surfing, try a body board first. A body board allows them to experience the intensity of catching waves without the pressure of standing-up on their surfboard. As your son or daughter gets acquainted with the sea, their level of comfort will increase and soon the idea of surfing won't feel as intimidating to them.
Picking Out A Board
A soft surfboard is the best choice for introducing your child to the sport. The soft foam construction makes the board extremely buoyant and stable which helps new surfers stand-up. The width of the board you choose is also an important factor. Purchasing one that is wider can help your son or daughter find their balance a bit easier as they practice their surfing technique.
Watching other surfers is a great way to motivate and excite your child. While you're observing the surfers take the time to introduce surfing safety and etiquette to them. Providing your child with proper knowledge can help prepare them for any future obstacles they may face while participating in the sport.
Practice Makes Perfect
While practicing should not be forced on your child, you should provide them with ample opportunities to exercise their surfing skills. Whether you're an expert surfer or a beginner, joining your child in the water is a great form of encouragement. Another excellent way to bolster your child's enjoyment of the sport is by enrolling them in lessons. Professional instructors have the tools and experience to help your child succeed in the surfing world.
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