Friday, December 26, 2014

5 Tips to Help You Successfully Buy a Used Surfboard

If replacing your current surfboard with a brand new one isn't a realistic option, you may want to consider investing in a used board. Whether your new to the sport or you're an experienced participant, purchasing a used surfboard is an excellent way of saving money while still receiving a high quality product. However, blindly buying a used board can end with you acquiring a dud that isn't worth the cash you spent. Listed below are 5 purchasing tips to follow while searching for your next used surfboard.
  1. It's always best to view a surfboard in person before making a final decision, however, if it isn't possible, be sure to request plenty of pictures that show every angle of the board. You should also ask to receive a written guarantee that the description and photos you've seen are a true representation of the surfboard you have agreed to buy.
  2. Although, most used surfboards will have their share of dings, a board that is riddled with them is not a wise purchase. Before making a decision, you should establish whether or not previous dings were properly fixed by the owner or a professional, and whether the current dings are severe enough to lead to the surfboard cracking in the near future.
  3. Don't buy a used surfboard without inspecting its fins. If the board has non-removable fins, look for signs of cracking, especially in the area where the fin and board meet. If signs of cracking are present, purchasing the board isn't a good idea, unless you are prepared to deal with the necessary repairs.
  4. If you spot any discolorations on the surfboard's foam, you're most likely dealing with a water damage. Unfortunately, it is best to walk away from a used board with this issue, no matter how cheap the owner is willing to sell it for.
  5. Buying a board already covered in wax can hinder your ability to view all possible areas of damage. To avoid this mistake, simply ask the owner to remove the wax before finalizing the purchase. If they refuse, walk away from the deal because there is a good chance they are trying to hide the extent of damage present on the surfboard.
 If you're searching for a used surfboard, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Surfboard Traction Pads Are A Great Alternative To Wax

Chances are when you first hit the waves, you followed another surfer’s advice, maybe you even borrowed their equipment, and you mostly thought about how to keep your balance. Once your dreams of finding and riding the perfect wave have been realized, you develop your own sense of style and you learn about the kind of equipment that works best for you.

One of those style decisions is whether you prefer surfboard wax, or a surfboard traction pad. As a surfer you have to do something to your board to keep from slipping right off the slippery surface. Some surfers use wax, but others prefer traction pads. Traction pads work well in all temperatures of water, so you don’t have to change your techniques for different locations or seasons.

You can purchase traction pads in different shapes and sizes, and you can find traction pads made from different kinds of materials. Of course, like everything else in surfing culture, you can find all kinds of different colors and designs so that your traction pad matches your board and they both match your personal style. Innovations in modern traction pads have made them perfect for difficult surfing maneuvers, and you can experiment to decide what kind of traction pad works best for you.

Don’t wast valuable surfing time shopping when you can find an amazing selection of traction pads online at Please contact us to find traction pads ranging in price from $30 to $120. We carry Creatures of Leisure, DaKine, Destination Surf, Hawaiian Hot Grip and Sticky Bumps.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Surfboard Fins Offer Customized Control

Are you ready to take your surfing to the next level?  Beginner surfers are usually anxious to accessorize their equipment, but don’t always know where to start. Once you have the basics of surfing down, the first thing you will want to customize on your board are your surfboard fins.

Fins have a huge impact on the way your board rides.  Fins control how easy your board is to maneuver.  Larger fins gives you more stability and control over your board, but the trade off is that fins drag your board down. 

Beginner surfers tend to need more fins, while more expert surfers will often opt for less fin area.
The options for fins can be almost limitless, which is why, when you’re out on the beach you seldom see two surfboards with identical fin configuration.  You can have as many as five fins on your board, and of course the placement and shape of the fins can be customized as well.

Once you've done a little research into the type of fin configuration you think would best suit your level and style of surfing, you may want to try out a friend’s surfboard that has a similar configuration.  

Once you know what you need, you can find an incredible selection of fins at Please contact us to see fin options from FCS, Futures, Rainbow and Wingnut. We have shortboard fins, longboard fins and SUP fins. With over 54 different fins, you can be sure we have the combination of fins you need to take your surfing to the next level. Our fins range in price from $20 to $138. 

We pride ourselves on having a huge variety of surfing equipment, accessories, apparel and footwear in all the brands you love.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Marshfield Teacher Gets Autistic Children Up On Surfboards For a Memorable Excursion

As much as the news likes to report about the sad state of education in America, there are always stories of teachers who put forth extra effort for the children they teach. They inspire us and make us realize that many of the greatest heroes alive today are teachers.

When an autistic child in Marshfield wanted to learn to surf, her parents approached their child's Public School Aide, Kristin Connor, who helped make it happen, not just for Grace Felter, the 11-year old autistic student who loves the ocean, but also for many of Grace's classmates.

Connor partnered with a local surf shop who provided the surfboards, wetsuits and leashes, and even volunteered some employees to help Connor teach the kids to surf and take them out in the ocean to give it a try. The autistic students were in elementary and middle school, and almost a dozen of them were able to give surfing a try.  Their autism did not hold them back from this really incredible life experience.

The Wicked Local article, "Levitate Teaches Kids To Surf in Marshfield" by Lisa Kashinsky, delightfully retells the childrens' experience on the waves,
"Connor split her time between helping kids in the water and celebrating their successes from the shore.
"He did it," Connor exclaimed as Seamus rode a wave in, a smile on her face and her hands in the air, "That was awesome."
Every so often, cheers would rise up from the assembled group as one of the children made it back to shore, including for Felter’s daughter."
If you want to learn to surf for the first time, or if you're a seasoned surfer looking to update your equipment, apparel or accessories please contact us.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Surfboard Innovation, The Go Pro Camera, Goes Public

Surf culture is an incredible thing.  The community and industry that has sprung up around surfing is marvelous to behold.  Often products designed with surfing in mind receive a wider audience, and that is precisely the story behind the success of the Go Pro camera.

Go Pro cameras are rugged, waterproof cameras that are very simple but used widely in action sports. They can be mounted to sporting equipment, like a surfboard, and capture the action without worry that a drop or spill will destroy them.  They have no external monitor where you can see what you're shooting, but since the point for most Go Pro users is just to capture the action without taking away from the experience, the monitor isn't missed.

Nick Woodman invented the waterproof camera to capture his surfing in pictures. The cameras have come a long way, now offering quality video that is shot at a wide-angle to capture the most action possible.  The New Yorker article, "We Are A Camera" by Nick Paumgarten, details how surf culture helped popularize and refine the Go Pro camera, which has now gone public on the stock market to great success,
"In the next few years, with Schmidt testing it out on surfing trips and sending back astonishing images, Woodman made refinements, and started making money, too. He traveled around the country in a 1974 VW van he called Biscuit, to surf shops and trade shows (and did a couple of appearances on QVC); to raise extra funds he sold belts made of seashells he’d picked up in Bali. At surfing events, he handed out cameras to pros."
The popularity of the Go Pro camera is no surprise to surfers who have been using Go Pros for a long time to capture epic surfing, (and some even more epic wipeouts.)

Perhaps the next time you're out catching waves, you'll have the next multi-milion dollar idea that brings a little piece of surf culture to the world at large.

Please contact us for all your surfing needs.  We have a great selection of equipment, apparel and accessories. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Students Innovate Surfboard Leashes

The very first surfboard leash was made from surgical cord that attached to the inventor's board with a suction cup.  The innovator, Pat O'Neill, was so excited about the surfboard leash he had made that he gave them away to his competitors. He wanted to popularize the practice of leashing your surfboard to your ankle.  Unfortunately, the leash he wore disqualified him from the competition he was competing in at the time, the Malibu International Surfing Competition.

Even though his controversial surfboard leashes left him out of contention in that competition, within a year using a surfboard leash was a common practice; one that continues to this day.  

Leashes have come a long way since 1971, and now they offer quick releases and swivels to keep them from becoming tangled around your ankles. Different lengths, thicknesses and materials all have been innovations along the way.

Now a group of students from Santa Barbara City College hope they have invented the newest industry changing enhancement to the surfboard leash.  They have designed a leash that self-adjusts to the correct length.  
If this feature works well, it could quickly be snapped up by current leash makers because surfers want different lengths for their leashes depending on the size of the waves they are surfing, and big waves are known to stretch leashes. We wish them luck with their new invention and hope it finds a home in the industry. 

When you are looking for surfboard leashes, please contact us. We have an incredible selection of surfboard leashes in our convenient online store.

Thursday, November 13, 2014 Has a Huge Selection Of Surfboard Leashes

When you're out catching waves, you need to know that your surfboard is not going to disappear into the ocean without you.  Surfboard leashes keep you connected to your board.  Leashes are so common now, it's hard to imagine that they were only introduced to the sport in 1971. Before that, surfers had to swim down their boards after each wipe-out.  Not to mention, the hazard a loose surfboard posed to swimmers and other surfers.
Surfboard leashes make surfing safer and simpler, although there are still some long board surfers who still refuse to wear a leash.  

When you are looking for a surfboard leash, there are a few factors to consider.  Make sure your leash is longer than the length of your board, an experienced surfer may only want a leash that is a few inches longer than their board; however, a novice surfer could get a leash up to a foot longer than their board.

When you are thinking about leash thickness, remember that a thicker leash is more durable, less likely to snap and will last longer. However, a thinner leashes provide less drag, so it may be important to have a thin leash to use for competition surfing.

You will also have decisions to make when it comes to the type and number of swivels and the type of cuff and rail surfer you want.  

When you've researched all your choices, please contact us. has an incredible selection of leashes so you can get one that meets all your specifications. We offer 46 different leashes from four different companies.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Used Surfboards Save You Money When You're Learning The Sport

Many people have the goal of learning to surf on their bucket list.  Some people move to California just to learn the incredible sport of surfing.  When your goal is to learn how to catch a few waves, it can be frustrating to have to spend a lot of money on your surf equipment, not to mention an expensive new board.

Now, can lower your cost of entry into the coolest sport on the planet.  We help you find Used Surfboards in your area.  You can find exactly what you're looking for in a used surfboard, and use some of the money you saved for great surfing apparel and accessories.

Once you've surfed a little longer and are ready to upgrade your surfboard, we'll help you sell your used surfboard through our local listings. You can use the money you earn on your used surfboard to buy another used board, or to get a new or custom board that suits your surfing needs.

We believe everyone, rich or poor, should have access to the incredible sport of surfing, and we're happy to enrich the surfing community by helping coordinate the sale of used surfboards. There is no community like the surfing community, so when you buy your used board you're likely to also score some great tips and advice from seasoned surfers.

When you need surfing apparel, equipment or accessories, please contact us, our online store has the most variety of surf products for surfers and for people who love surf culture.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Surfboard Bags: How Do I Know Which One Would Make the Best Investment?

Let’s face it, our surfboards are important. Without them, we’d all be hard-pressed to catch anything at the beach other than flack for dragging sand into the car, again. So it pays to protect them from the dings, scratches, cracks and snaps that sometimes happen while we make our way to the water. Buying a surfboard bag or sock is one of the best ways to do that. The surfboard socks are great if you live close enough to the beach to walk there. The bags, on the other hand, are good for the long haul.

Understandably, there are a lot of fantastic surfboard bags out there to choose from. Some are designed to simply be day bags. They are excellent for short jaunts to beaches that are located a few hours away or less. And others are categorized as travel bags. They’re best suited for those surf vacations that involve transporting the surfboards to far away shores. So at this point you’re probably wondering, “How do I know which bag will make the best investment?”

Other than personal preferences, size, shape and weight considerations, there are at least five additional features that we’d suggest taking into account when purchasing surfboard bags. The first three all have to do with protecting the surfboard’s most fragile areas. Yes, we are talking about the nose, fin and rails. Whichever bag you choose, make sure that they have enough padding and support in those areas to be meaningful. Otherwise, your surfboard may still sustain damage during transport.

The remaining two surfboard bag features to take into account are the materials used in its construction and the amount of pockets available. Ideally, the materials should be durable enough to withstand light to moderate impacts as well as contact with the elements. After all, we are talking about abrasive sand and sea salt here. And as for the pockets, well, they are great at helping keep things organized. For example, you could use them to safely store your wax or an extra pair of boardshorts.

At, we have a variety of surfboard day bags, travel bags and board socks on offer, including the hottest name brands. Among them are Creatures of Leisure, Sticky Bumps, DaKine, FCS, Ocean & Earth, Volcom and Destination Surf. To learn more about them and get additional assistance in picking the right surfboard bags or socks for your lifestyle, please contact us today.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Take Hurley and Quiksilver Into Colder Weather

We know some of you have the luxury of living in a warm, tropical climate where you can hit the waves year-round. But some of us live in places where we have to listen to the snow forecasts instead of the tide reports and can only go surfing in our minds.

But that doesn't mean you can't represent surf culture even when the weather is anything but sunny. Here are our top picks for embracing a beach lifestyle even if you live somewhere in the Midwest.
  1. Hurley One and Only Zip Hoody: Pull that hood up around your face on those blustery days.
  2. Roxy and Boys Beanie: With a beanie that hangs loose, you'll look like a laid-back surfer even in the dead of winter.
  3. Quiksilver Solid Streak Surf Shirt: Who says you can't chill around the house in your fave shirt for catching waves?
  4. Hurley One and Only V-Neck Sweater: Dress up for a holiday party and still keep your surfer cred.
  5. Hurley Phantom Boardwalk Hat: Swap out that hat you love to wear with the tropical print on it for this cap in a heavier material and low-key color.
  6. Quiksilver Snit Stripe Sweater: The cold-weather version of a classic nautical shirt.
  7. Quiksilver Hot Dog Youth Beanie: Little dudes have to keep their melons warm, too.
  8. Hurley One and Only Slim Women's Zip Hoody: Perfect to pair with your flannel pajama pants.
  9. Hurley Jag LS Button Down Shirt: Channel your inner lumberjack with a plaid button-down.
  10. Roxy Whole Hearted LS Rash Guard: Layer your rash guard over a tank when you hit a yoga class.
To look at the best surfing products around (no matter what time of year it is), visit our website or contact us.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Get Your Surfboards Ready and Earn a $50,000 Sponsorship

Have you ever had a dream of becoming a professional surfer?  Do you think you have what it takes to hang with the pro surfers?  If you know how to catch a wave and surf like a crazy person, your dreams could come true.

For the second year in a row, O'Neill is hosting a video wildcard contest.  You could become their next wildcard surfer just by submitting a 30 second video.  Your 30 second video should be your very best surfing, with lots of action, but it can't be edited! There is also an application to fill out and turn in along with a headshot. Applications will be accepted until September 19th.

A panel of judges will decide on the top four videos that O'Neill receives, and then online voting will determine the grandprize winner out of the four finalists.

So get your surfboards ready and have a friend ready to film you in action, and you could be the winner that receives the invitation to surf in the 2014 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational in Santa Cruz, California. The Invitational will take place at Steamer Lake October 28th - November 1st. The winner of the invitational will receive the O'Neill Wetsuit contract worth $50,000.

If you need to upgrade your surf equipment or your surf look, contact us at, we have all your favorite surf brands including O'Neill at one convenient website, so you can spend less time shopping, and more time practicing and perfecting your best surf tricks.  Maybe they could land you 50k.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boardshorts Made From Recycled Materials

A day on the beach in early fall is magical.  When you have a few friends along, and a surfboard in tow, you just can't go wrong.

Of course, you can't enjoy a great day out surfing, if you don't have a quality pair of boardshorts. There are so many styles, colors and brands of boardshorts available on the market that its hard to imagine there being much new innovation when it comes to boardshorts. However, it may be time to up upgrade your look.

Quiksilver, already known for their incredible boardshorts, is making waves with its latest design.  Quiksilver is releasing a new line of boardshorts that are made out of recycled plastic bottles.  Each pair of boardshorts is made out of 11 plastic bottles, re-purposed into fiber that is called Repreve. Boardshorts made out of Repreve fibers will be released as Quiksilver AG47. 

Quiksilver AG47 boardshorts will also use Dry Flight Technology that repels water and dries quickly while offering four way stretch. Surfers rely on the environment to enjoy the sport they love, so offering surfers a choice that helps protect the environment is a great idea. 

Surfers will be able to upgrade their boardshorts, and feel great about their purchase, knowing that they are promoting recycling innovations.  When you're ready to look for a new pair of boardshorts, look no further than, where you will find all the latest trends in surfing apparel, equipment and accessories.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Surfboards are the main focus of September Surf Expo

With fall quickly approaching you may think your days at the beach are numbered, but colder weather is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite surfing equipment.

Surfboard fanatics should be sure to check out Surf Expo 2014.  Surf Expo will take place January 8th through the 10th in Orlando Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. Surf expo has over 2600 booths and draws crowds that exceed over 26,000 people. It's a great place to meet other surfing enthusiasts, and to see all the latest trends in the expansive surfing community.  If you can't make the January show, don't worry they also have one next September, so you can plan ahead to attend.

This year's surf expo will feature a surfboard shaping challenge.  In the challenge, craftsmen will compete to shape two surfboards in under three hours. Other highlights of the Expo include demonstrations and fashion shows.

If you're not local to Florida, don't worry you can also find all the latest surf equipment and accessories online at (it's a lot like having an expo online 24 hours a day seven days a week).  We are your one stop internet shop for surfboards, apparel, accessories and equipment. We carry all your favorite brands like Hurley and Quiksilver.  

Please contact us when you're ready to outfit yourself for the next beautiful day at the beach.  We take the hassle out of surf shopping, so you can spend all your time catching waves.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Surfer Cool: 5 Hot Hurley Items for Laid Back Guys

With fall’s chill already in the air, it’s high time to go through the closet and take stock of your guy’s wardrobe. If it’s not up to surfing snuff, take a few measurements and go shopping for some of the best Hurley apparel. After all, no matter how hard he protests, your sexy surfer is going to need more than just a drawer full of ratty boardshorts to get through the season. That said, here are five Hurley items with the power to heat up a beach shack:

1.) Hurley Button Down Shirts
There is nothing that works better for those casual, fall days at the surfboard shaper’s shop than a Hurley button down shirt. Many are lined and fashioned out of heavy duty fabrics. So those cold ocean breezes aren't likely to give him the goose bumps when he steps outside to check the tide. Plus, the shirts frequently come equipped with dual chest pockets where he can stash his extra cash.

2.) Hurley Polo Shirts
If he’s not much of a long sleeve loving kind of guy, you could stock up on Hurley polos instead. They may not do much to keep his arms warm, but he could always pair them with a thermal undershirt or jacket should the fall weather warrant as much.

3.) Hurley Sweaters
For those days when mom decides to invite everyone over for dinner, we’d suggest picking up a handful of Hurley sweaters. A large number of them are made with 12gg yarn and pure cotton. Therefore, he’s less apt to sweat and fidget uncomfortably when dad brings up sensitive topics like weddings and grandchildren.

4.) Hurley Hoodies
Of course not all of his waking moments will be spent working or chatting up the potential in-laws. So you’d better think about tossing some Hurley Hoodies into the shopping cart too. The hoodies are perfect for those weekends when he wants to kick back and watch ASP surfing events. Can anyone say Maui’s Women’s Pro or Hurley Pro at Trestles?

5.) Hurley Beanies
And speaking of covering one’s head, why not snap up some Hurley beanies as well? Typically fashioned out of moisture wicking acrylic, they tend to come in two great styles. One features a cable knit cuff and the other doesn’t. Either way, both will help him stay warm and look smokin’ hot in the process.

To find these fine-looking Hurley clothes for autumn and other items that any surfer would be proud to own, please contact us.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Surfboards Ho! 5 Great International Destinations to Go Surfing

It’s no secret that despite the season, there is always some place on the planet where excellent waves and sunshine beckon. So when you start feeling a touch of beach shack fever in the weeks ahead, consider loading up the surfboards and heading off to one of the following international destinations:

1.) Manly Beach (New South Wales)
Grab a cheap flight to New South Wales and practice saying “G’day Mate” on the plane ride over because you’re bound to run into a lot of locals at Manly Beach. It’s an incredible place to channel your inner Carissa Moore or Adriano de Souza. And keep in mind, lifeguards are normally on duty there throughout the fall, winter and spring.

2.) Puerto Escondido (Mexico)
If you’re not in the mood to bring your surfboards to New South Wales, why not go south of the border to Mexico’s Puerto Escondido? It’s in the quickly developing State of Oaxaca and some surfers know it as the Mexican Pipeline. Perhaps you’ve seen videos of the pros hitting the waves during the 2014 MexPipe.

3.) Los Lobos (Canary Islands)
Prefer to point your surfboards towards Spain instead? Then make plans to travel to the Canary Island’s Los Lobos. Magic Seaweed and Surfline always tend to sing the surf spot’s praises. If you do go, think about camping out on the sand so you don’t miss the high tides.

4.) Capo Mannu (Italy)
Long to sit on the sand alongside your surfboard and eat a pizzaiolo prepared slice of authentic, Italian pizza? Well then, pack your surfboards and book a flight to Italy’s Capo Mannu. Situated in the country’s Sardinia Region, it’s a rocky-bottomed spot known for serving up noteworthy lefts and rights throughout the year. Make it a point to pack extra boardshorts and spend some time hanging out in Oristano. It’s known for its historical sites and annual carnival event, Sa Sartiglia.

5.) Costa Nova (Portugal)
Finally, you might want to think about traveling to Portugal and staying in a candy striped beach house for a week or two. One of the beaches locals love for its sandy bottom and assortment of waves is Costa Nova. It’s near the bustling city of Aveiro, where you’ll be able to find additional cool spots to park your surfboards for the night.

For help in picking out the best surfboards and boardshorts before you grab that passport and jet, please contact us.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spotlight on Quiksilver Watches: 4 Surf-tastic Timepieces for Gift Giving

Okay, so we know that the gift giving, winter holidays are not here yet. But that doesn't mean it isn't time to start thinking about what to get the sporty loved ones in your life. A gift that tends to be very popular with surfers of all ages is a Quiksilver watch. They come in a variety of watch styles and colors that may seem overwhelming at first. Thus, we’ve decided to spotlight some of them in today’s post in hopes that it will make your upcoming shopping experiences smooth as the best barrel rides at Barra de la Cruz:

1.) Moondak Tide Watch
If your loveable surfer has a major case of wave inspired wanderlust, consider going for the Quiksilver Moondak Tide Watch. It will help him or her find the biggest waves, 24/7 in Lanzarote, Teahupoo, Tauranga Bay, Punta Hermosa, Sendai and all of our planet’s other primo surf spots. Plus, it has the capability to countdown the minutes left in a heat and store crucial data needed to perfect one’s surfing skills.

2.) Fragment Watch
For surfers that love to wear brightly colored boardshorts, hoodies, t-shirts, rash guards and other sports apparel, check out the Quiksilver Fragment Watch. It doesn’t contain tide data but its funky hues and night dial glow make it one standout timepiece. Features that your surfer family and friends may adore include the ability to store data, send out an alarm and show the current date.

3.) Line Up Youth Watch
The same features and colorful appearance may also be found in Quiksilver’s Line Up Youth Collection of surfers’ digital watches. So don’t forget about the groms on your gift short list. The watches come with their own great looking display case and would pair well with a Quiksilver Hot Dog Beanie or other bold colored hat.

4.) Darkslide Watch
Last on our highlight list of the day is the classic Quiksilver’s Darkslide Watch. It’s a beautiful, solid stainless steel, analog timepiece with a lot of character. We’d suggest giving it to the surfer on your list that likes to occasionally trade in those beachside fish tacos for a seat at an upscale, seafood restaurant. It would also look great on the wrist during those sponsorship negotiations and surf awards ceremonies.

To learn more about all of the previously mentioned surfers’ watches and others before the 2014 holiday gift giving season gets underway, please contact us.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

From Quiksilver Luggage to a Tide Watch, 4 Gifts the Surfer in Your Life Will Appreciate

Do you have a surf lover in your life? If you do and you're looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, we're here to help. While you may think purchasing a surf themed present is beyond your scope of knowledge, the truth is, your options go far beyond the technical side of the sport. Instead of concentrating on replacement fins and ding repair kits, consider the funnier side of surfing by browsing the newest apparel styles. If you're still feeling a bit unsure of what to get the surfer in your life, we've listed 5 foolproof gifts below. 

1. For the constantly traveling surfer, why not get them a great piece of luggage. Not only will they be able to comfortably carry all their surfing needs from beach to beach, but they'll also be doing it in style when you buy them a surfboard bag. You can even go one step further by purchasing a travel kit to hold their smaller necessities. 

2. Every surfer needs a few stylish pairs of boardshorts. Whether bright neon colors are their thing or they prefer a wild pattern, you'll for sure find a pair that matches their fashion sense. While shopping, don't forget to consider the length of the boardshort. Some surfers like their shorts to hit just above their knee while others would rather wear a short that falls somewhere in the middle. 

3. A surfer can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Unfortunately, the hours they spend surfing puts them in direct contact with the sun, which can cause extensive damage to their skin and eyes. That's why, buying them a great pair of sunglasses not only ups their style, but also protects them from the elements. 

4. A tide watch is the perfect gift for the devoted surfer. While there are a variety of tide watches to choose from, you'll find many of them have pre-programed tide charts, timers, and wave counters. The functions of a tide watch aren't the only reason why it's an excellent present, it's ability to surf the waves with its wearer also makes it an ideal gift.

If you're looking to buy the surfer in your life a gift, please contact us today to view our large inventory of surfing apparel and accessories.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What to Pack Before Leaving For Your Next Surfing Vacation

From the anticipation to the adrenaline rush of catching that first wave, nothing beats traveling to a new destination to surf. Whether you've already booked a flight or you're still searching for the perfect spot, a surf vacation is a time to discover an unfamiliar setting while participating in an activity you love. However, to fully enjoy your trip there are a few items you'll need to add to your packing list before boarding your flight.

  • While packing your surfboard is pretty obvious, you also need to ensure you've invested in a sturdy travel bag that will protect it. Otherwise, you won't get a whole lot of surfing done with a board that has sustained damage during your journey. If you have the option, you may want to consider bringing a second board as back up, just in case your surfboard breaks while you're out on the water.
  • Adding a small ding repair kit to your travel bag is a must. A severely dinged surfboard, with no repair kit in sight, is definitely one of the fastest ways of ruining your surf vacation fun.
  • Don't leave home without your surfboard wax. Make sure you pack enough to last you the whole trip. You may even want to bring a little extra in case a new acquaintance is running low.
  • Packing easily replaceable parts, such as, spare fins and a spare leash or two is always a wise choice. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without either of these parts on hand can equal an entire day of your surfing vacation lost to hunting down replacement gear.
  • Once you've researched the conditions of the area you're visiting, be sure to pack proper surfwear. Hitting the waves wearing inappropriate gear can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.
  • As you probably know, injuries happen while surfing. Whether its a small cut or a sprained ankle, having a first aid kit handy to sanitize and patch up the damage is crucial to your health. You should also pack a tube of sunscreen to protect yourself from the unforgiving sunlight, you will definitely encounter.

If you're looking to load up on the proper equipment for your surf vacation, please contact us today to view our large assortment of surf gear.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hurley Rash Guards Save Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why surfers wear t-shirts or long sleeve shirts in the ocean while they're surfing?  Obviously they're not ashamed of their bodies, surfing develops muscles and gives surfers a toned appearance. The shirts aren't just to protect against sun exposure, most surfers wear sunscreen and their skin has adjusted to the sun with a solid tan but they have the dual purpose of offering UV protection as well.  The shirts surfers wear while surfing the waves are called rash guards.

Rash guards protect the surfers from abrasions and rashes that could occur from sliding on and off their surfboards.  The wax on the surfboards attracts sand that could really grate on the skin while paddling out to the big waves, if they didn't have a protective shirt. Rash guards can also be used for other water sports and they are a great alternative to wet suits when the weather is warm. has an outstanding selection of Hurley rash guards.  They offer long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards. The Hurley rash guards are typically made from light weight 5oz, four way stretch Lycra, or four way stretch polyester that has an SPF rating of between 30 and 40.  So these thin, flexible rash guards will protect you from the waves and the sun without impeding your movements. Surfers love the classic styling of Hurley apparel.
When you need to outfit yourself for a day on the waves, contact us at  We have the greatest variety of surfing equipment and apparel.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quiksilver Flip Flops

Summer is made for outdoor fun. Whether you're having fun at the beach, barbecuing with friends, or just enjoying the warm weather, flip flops are a must-have summer accessory.

Flip flops may be the type of shoe with the greatest variety in quality.  Every summer retailers mass-produce flip flops, so that people can literally buy disposable flip flops for under a dollar a pair.  Of course, you get what you pay for, and dollar flip flops fall apart easily and offer no arch support and no traction.  Flip flops can be extremely comfortable and built to last if you purchase a quality brand.

You might be surprised to learn that Quiksilver, most known for its quality surf apparel, makes many different styles of flip flops. Whether you want flexible rubber flip flops, or sturdy leather flip flops or anything in between, Quiksilver makes a style that will suit your comfort needs, be practical for every day use, and look good. 

In fact, at, we sell 38 different styles of Quiksilver flip flops.  So, if you want the most variety in flip flops possible, with a known name brand design, you should check out our online store that specifically serves the surfing community and people who appreciate the surfing culture.  Flip flops are popular with surfers, because unlike sandals, they don't trap the sand uncomfortably in your shoes.  Whether you plan on hitting the beach or not, flip flops are trendy summer shoes for everyone.

If you need to update your summer time shoes, please contact us for quiksilver flip flops, and all your other beach necessities.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The History of Surfboards is Celebrated in a Museum Exhibit

Fans of surfing know that surfing is more than just a sport.  Surfing has always sparked its own culture.  Surf culture has impacted language, fashion, food and art. Surfboard designs are often so intricate and beautiful that people hang their surfboards on the wall as art.

The Mingei International Museum is San Diego is celebrating the beauty of the surfboard as well as the long and fascinating history of the sport of surfing itself.  The surfboard exhibit which opened on June 21st, is called "Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding."  The one-of-a-kind exhibit will be on display until January 11, 2015.  The exhibit will be accompanied by the publishing of a photography book of the same title.

Dawn Levesque writes about the exhibit and the amazing history of surfing in her Guardian Liberty Voice article "Surfboards: Design and Culture Exhibit at San Diego Museum,"
"In 1778, the crew members of Captain James Cook’s HMS Discovery became the first recorded Europeans to witness the art of surfing during a stay in Hawaii. Almost 100 years later, Mark Twain recorded surfing in Roughing It, when he told of almost catching a wave, but not being able to time it right. “None but natives ever master the art of surf-bathing thoroughly,” he commented in 1872."
Surfing enthusiasts will love seeing this exhibit that shows the evolution of American surfing, as well as displaying obscure primitive surfboards from England, Japan and Africa.

Whether your interest in surfboards is professional, recreational, or just as an art and culture enthusiast, the Mingei exhibit should be an exciting display.

If you'd rather hit the waves than study the history of surfing, contact us to purchase all your modern surf culture necessities. We sell surfboards, clothing, accessories, shoes and surfing equipment. We are passionate about surfing and excited to help outfit you for a day at the beach.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Top 5 Must Have Hurley Fashion Accessories for Casual Surfers

Do you consider yourself to be a casual summer surfer? Perhaps you just plan on spending a few weeks hanging out at the beach before the warm weather ends. Either way, you may want to scope out these five Hurley fashion accessories in time to catch the next big wave:

1.) Hurley Honor Roll Sack
In our opinion, Hurley’s Honor Roll Sacks are perfect for those days when you just want to travel light. They are made with lightweight, 600D/150D polyester that will certainly stand up to anything that you may have on your beach agenda. Each one also sports a handy set of cinch cords and they come in quite a few different color combinations.
2.) Hurley Honor Roll Backpacks
If you plan on spending the whole day immersed in the surf and sand, Hurley’s Honor Roll Backpacks may prove to be the better choice. They are an impressive 19 x 12 x 7-inches in size, which should make it easy to pack your favorite gear. In addition, they feature mesh-lined, yoke shoulder straps, mesh pockets and a kick butt, padded laptop compartment. So you can take your computer with you and feasibly upload surf videos or photos while you’re still in the beach parking lot.
3.) Hurley Honor Roll Web Belt
Love to accentuate your waist with a belt or need one to hold up your pants? Well, you’d be hard-pressed to beat Hurley’s Honor Roll Web Belt. They are colorful, durable, comfortable and as affordable as can be. So go ahead and feel free to order more than one.
4.) Hurley Honor Roll Tri-Fold Wallet
Hope to hit the fish taco truck sometime during the day? Then don’t forget to add a Hurley Honor Roll Tri-Fold Wallet to your shopping list. Made from pure polyester, it features areas for billfolds and coins. Plus, it should fit easily into your pocket, backpack or sack.
5.) Hurley Phantom Sandals
Last on our list is a pair of Hurley Phantom Sandals. From the breathable toe thong to the Nike flex grooves on the sole, they are extremely well designed. On top of that, they are also washable. So you won’t have to worry about coming down with a bad case of foot fungus.
To discover more about these Hurley must haves and others, please contact us today.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Boardshorts and Other Surfing Gear More than Fashion

We obviously aren't opposed to people wearing boardshorts for whatever reason they want. We aren't the surf-fashion police. But for professional surfers, boardshorts and other surfing gear are more than fashion. They are designed for specific purposes and elements that make surfing safe and help to increase performance.

Here's the breakdown...


It's true, that for the most part people wear nearly identical boardshorts when they are going to the beach, as when they are surfing. But between these two, there are huge differences. For instance boardshorts are designed not to come off when the water gets rough (can you imagine?!). They are also designed to dry quickly, reduce water-weight, and remain chafe-free. Overall, they are designed to let you focus on the waves, not on your clothes.

Rash Guards

They may look like regular tee shirts, but rash guards are anything but. Usually made from Lycra, rash guard clothing is intended to protect you from the sun and inhibit rashes that may form due to extreme movement, water, and pressure. They are meant to replace cotton tee shirts that, let's be honest, probably aren't the most comfortable or useful things to to be wearing when hitting the waves.


Finally, there's wetsuits (which we don't sell... but it rounds out the category). Not all surfing takes place in tropical climates, surrounded by palm trees (Cleveland, Ohio for example). There are many surfing destinations where wetsuits are required because cold weather surfing is something that is very real and, if you aren't clothed properly, can be quite dangerous.

Wetsuits come in a ton of varieties (spring suit, short john, long john, hooded full suit, etc.), but which one you choose comes down to personal choice and the temperature you'll be enduring.

So remember, the next time you put on your favorite boardshorts for a day lounging around the pool or swimming down at the beach, that every pair of boardshorts available for relaxation, also serve a greater purpose in the surfing world.

For more information on how we can help you, please don't hesitate to contact us any time.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Keep Your Surfboard Safe With Proper Storage

Surfing on a damaged board is never ideal and can truly affect the quality of your surfing experience. For that reason alone, keeping your board safe should always be a top priority. Although you may not be able to stop dings from occurring while you're riding the waves, you can protect your surfboard from getting battered and bruised in storage. Following the guidelines provided below will help you properly maintain your surfboard.

Don't Forget The Board Bag
Transporting your surfboard to and from the beach is a hazardous situation. No matter how careful you are, if you don't bag your board, it's bound to come face to face with some type of mishap. By simply keeping your board in a protective bag, you're eliminating its chance of becoming damaged during transportation which not only saves you money on repairs, but it also keeps you and your surfboard from missing any days in the water.

Don't Store It In The Sun
The sun and the heat are your board's biggest enemy when it comes to storage. Leaving your surfboard in the sun for a prolonged amount of time causes it to yellow while also weakening the board's fiberglass coating. When it comes to storing your board, it's best to place it in a cool and shady area; otherwise your surfboard will need to be prematurely replaced.

Don't Let Your Board Fall
Investing in a surfboard wall rack can decrease the chances of your board taking a tumble while in storage. Not only is a rack a smart investment, but it also saves you space and enables you to house your board almost anywhere.

Don't Leave Your Surfboard Untreated
Whether your board receives a ding while in the water or while in storage, it's absolutely necessary to repair the damage as soon as possible. Untreated cracks and holes can have an adverse affect on your surfboard's performance. A puncture left unfixed will result in water leaking into the inner foam core of your surfboard which can cause multiple issues. To avoid such a problem, simply repair your board in a timely manner.

Following the suggestions above can prolong the life of your surfboard, however, if your board has seen better days and you're in need of a new one, please contact us us today to view our large inventory of surfboards.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quiksilver's New Bonded Boardshort Pushes Boundaries

Quiksilver, one the leading manufacturers of boardshorts for competitive and non-competitive surfboarding, continues to push the boundaries of men's boardshorts.

The new AG47 New Wave Bonded boardshort mixes the most progressive technology with a sleek design that will most surely change how some manufacturers produce their products, and will perhaps set a new standard in boardshorts.

"The AG47 New Wave Bonded boardshort represents the next step in the evolution of Quiksilver's dedication to providing the best products in the surf market." said Nick Drake, the main man in charge of marketing at the venerable surfwear company.

But what makes the new AG47 boardshort so spectacular, innovative, high- performance, and cutting edge?The secret lies in the fabric. The proprietary product that pushes the bar ever-so high is a type of "Dry Flat" technology that acts as a repellent for water, thanks in part to a four-way stretch pattern (and some Scotchgard Protector Repellent) that work together to bead the water up, and roll it off. Keeping you dry and nimble. Combine that with the textile design of laser-cut, heat-welded panels for optimum strength and a reduced weight, and what you have is an exceedingly comfortable material that isn't prone to chafing, and is comfortable beyond belief.

Top it all off with a draw-string cinch tie, which keep your shorts in place while sailing the high seas, a rayon dobby waistband, and a stealthily-designed back zipper pocket to house all of your essentials, and the AG47's are starting to sound like the coolest boardshort on the market.

And for your trivia buffs out there, the name AG47 is a surreptitious play on words that Quiksilver thought would be clever for its throng of adoring fans. On the Periodic Table of Elements, "AG" is the symbol for silver, and 47 is its organizational number. How about that.

Check out out website for the latest in boardshorts and surfing gear, or contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Surfing Safely

Surfing is a fun and exciting sport but if you're not careful, it can also be extremely dangerous. To ensure you stay safe while riding the waves, we've compiled a list of surfing do's and don'ts. Following the advice provided below is essential to making every surfing trip a healthy and successful endeavor. 

Surfing Do's and Don'ts

1. If you're visiting a new beach, always remember to respect the locals. Think of yourself as a guest and remember sharing the waves with other surfers is a big part of the sport.
2. Surfing alone is never a good idea. Bringing a surf buddy with you not only increases the fun you'll have but it also ups the safety of your surf outing.
3. Never take another surfers wave. Always keep in mind a breaking wave belongs to the surfer closest to it. Cutting in line is dangerous and can cause animosity between you and the other surfers. Additionally, once you see another surfer riding a wave, that particular wave is considered taken and you'll need to wait for the next one to appear.
4. Stay alert. While surfing, you should always be aware of all individuals swimming or playing in the water. Furthermore, paying close attention to surf conditions is another necessity. Unfortunately, the weather can change in an instant, causing waves to become unruly. Ignoring the signs can put you in hazards way and quickly turn a fun surfing excursion into a dangerous one.
5. As with any sport, warming up before hitting the waves is essential. A proper warm up will decrease your chances of pulling a muscle or cramping up while you're in the water.
6. You should never go surfing after you've consumed an alcoholic beverage. Not only are you putting yourself in harms way but you're also risking the safety of the people around you.
7. Dedication and practice are crucial to improving your surfing skills. If you choose not to hit the waves on a regular basis, you are hindering your ability to advance your skill set.
8. Bringing sunblock and a first aid kit to the beach with you is a must. Overexposure to the sun is a serious concern for surfers so you should always use waterproof sunblock before getting on your surfboard.

If you're looking to upgrade your surfing apparel or you're interested in buying a new surfboard, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How A Proper Diet and Workout Routine Can Increase Your Surfing Skills

Surfing is an intense sport that requires you to use all your major muscle groups. For example, paddling alone works your shoulders, your core, and your legs. That's why, a well trained surfer understands the importance of staying in shape which usually entails a strict exercise routine and a healthy diet. To help you achieve both of these goals, we've highlighted a few key workouts and eating tips below.

How To Increase Your Fitness Level

Working your core muscles are essential to improving your surfing skills. Your core plays a huge role in maintaining your balance and gaining better control over body's movements. Sit-ups, ab leg raises, and side planks are just a few of the exercises you should perform to strengthen your core.

Your arm and back muscles are extremely critical to paddling. Therefore, you should focus part of your workout routine on increasing their strength. Performing push-ups, bicep curls, and tricep dips, among other exercises, will heighten your paddling skills and boost your endurance.

Developing your leg muscles, enhances your balance and your ability to pop-up on your surfboard. Adding lunges, weighted heel rises, and squats to your workout is a simple and effective way to build your leg strength.

A Cardiovascular workout is a must. Not only will it improve your lung capacity, but it will also bolster your endurance. Swimming, running, and cycling multiple times a week will allow you to surf for longer periods of time without getting overly fatigued.

A Well-Balanced Diet
A healthy meal plan for surfers contains a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Your protein intake should revolve around foods, such as fish, poultry, lean meats, beans and nuts. Protein helps your body repair your muscles which makes it a crucial part of your diet. Healthy carbohydrates provide you with the fuel to take on strenuous activities like paddling. When choosing carbs to eat, it is best to stick to fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain breads and cereals. While many people cringe at the thought of fats in their diet, it's still an essential part of your nutritional intake. Replacing unhealthy fats with healthy ones is easy as long as you focus on eating avocados, nuts, and seeds. At the end of the day, a well-balanced diet is critical to improving your fitness and surfing skills.

If you're on a mission to enhance your surfing skills and you're looking for a top of the line surfboard, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Successfully Pop-up on Your Surfboard

Popping up on a surfboard can be a difficult experience for newcomers. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding this important surfing skill. However, following a few words of advice and practicing on a regular basis will make the challenge of popping up much easier. To help you reach that point, we've listed 4 tips that will have you successfully riding your surfboard in no time.

Get To Know Your Footing
Before you even try to stand, you must first discover which stance fits you best. You have two choices, either “goofy” or “regular.” Goofy footing means you stand with your left foot back, while regular footing means your right foot is back. To find out which is your dominate foot, stand with your feet together and your eyes closed. While you're in this position, let yourself fall backwards. The foot you step back to stop the fall is considered the dominate one and will be your back foot when standing on your surfboard.

Land Before Water
Once you have your stance established, its time to start practicing your pop-up on land. First, you will need to lay on your board with your chest slightly above the center of the board. While in this position, start paddling as though you were actually in the water. When you're ready, put your hands on your board and hop to your feet. At this point, your feet should be a little more than shoulder width apart with your dominate foot firmly planted in the back. To truly get a feel for popping up, you will need to run through this motion on land a number of times.

Popping Up On An Actual Wave
To begin with, you need to practice on smaller waves, not only for the difficulty factor, but also for your safety. Discovering the correct time to pop-up is half the battle of successfully standing on your surfboard. As you're paddling and a wave grows closer, you will feel yourself speed up. While your speed is increasing, your surfboard will also begin to feel sturdier. Both of these changes indicate that the time to pop-up has arrived. Unfortunately, your first few attempts may end with you in the water, however practice will definitely help you master the pop-up motion in time.

If you're looking to buy your first surfboard or you're in need of an upgrade, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help you.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Look at the Different Types of Men's Boardshorts

Boardshorts have been especially designed to fit the unique needs of surfers and have evolved greatly over the years. These attractive yet practical shorts are now worn by a number of people in addition to surfers because they are comfortable and attractive. Boardshorts for men now come in a variety of different styles and here is an overview of the different types so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Standard Boardshorts are the choice of most surfers since they are very loose in the leg and are secure but not too tight around the waist. These features enable people to perform some of the more complicated maneuvers while also being long enough to keep a man’s leg hairs from being pulled on the board’s wax.

Retro Board Shorts are similar in style to the ones that first appeared in the 1950s and 1960s. They are somewhat shorter and snugger fitting than traditional boardshort which can make them more difficult to perform surfing maneuvers in. Instead, these shorts are often worn while swimming, scuba diving or water skiing instead.

Modern-style boardshorts fall somewhere in the middle of retro and traditional boardshorts. They tend to be sleek but not tight fitting, and have legs that are around 18 to 22 inches long. These shorts are very stylish and are appropriate for boating, swimming or just spending a day at the beach.

Baggies are usually worn by men who like a looser fit to their clothing. As their name suggests, they are looser-fitting and “baggier” than most other styles of boardshorts. Despite the fact that they are baggy, they are nonetheless very good for surfing as they tend to have an elastic waist that will help hold them in place despite being pummeled by heavy waves.

Half Jam shorts contain an inner mesh lining and a waistband that is elasticized only part of the way around it. While they are good choices for surfing, they should not be worn for long periods of time as the inner mesh can increase the odds of chafing. Half Jams are more practical for everyday wear or spending time at the beach in.

Want to see the latest styles in boardshorts? Contact us to find out more.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hurley Presents the 10th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am

Popular surf, skate and beach wear company Hurley is once again joining forces with rock band Switchfoot for the 10th annual Switchfoot Bro-Am; July 12th, 2014 in sunny Encinitas, California. Bro-Am is a free, all day event featuring a surfing competition, hysterical surf-jousting and plenty of awesome rock music right on Moonlight Beach. Financial donations secure spots for corporate surf teams and beach vendors sell food and merchandise throughout the festival, with all proceeds raised going to helping homeless and at-risk kids and teens in the San Diego area through the Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation.

The day begins early with mind-blowing surf maneuvers performed by each of the four-person surf teams. Past competitors have included teams from Encinitas Firefighters, Surf Ride, Billabong, Macbeth, Switchfoot and of course, Hurley. Beach-goers can find themselves face to face with the guys from Switchfoot or hanging with surfing icons like Tom Curren, Timmy Curran or Dylan Graves.

Pro-surfer Rob Machado will also be there, shredding the line with his team from the Rob Machado Foundation and loaning out his boards for youth under the age of 16 to ride in the Rob Machado Bro Junior. Clothing donations secure spots for the kids and, while they are all winners, prizes are awarded to the boys and girls having the most fun on Machado’s boards.

Hurley will also make a presence promoting their water conservation and clean-water program, H2O; working to assure that clean drinking water is available to people all over the world. Hurley and Switchfoot ask that everyone bring a reusable water bottle or purchase one of the Hurley H2O stainless steel water bottles and fill up for free at the H2O water station.

Head on out to San Diego this July to catch a wave and the 10th annual Switchfoot Bro-Am presented by Hurley. But before you go, gear up with a visit to Contact us for a great selection of Hurley boardshorts, rash guards, sunglasses, sandals and everything else you’ll need for a day at the beach and on the board.