Thursday, December 12, 2013

Surfers Invited to Test Out New Surfboards

Earlier this month, surfers were invited to South Ponto beach in California to test out new Surfboards from Rip Curl. At this demo, not only did the surfers get to test out these new boards, they also got to try out new wetsuits, have some breakfast, and meet with team members of Rip Curl (including Taylor Knox who has been rated top ten on the ASP World Tour 5 times).

The mission of the demos is to give surfers a free test to feel the true quality of Rip Curl products. The demo tour made 5 other stops as well to further promotion.

Rip Curl started focusing a lot of its efforts on the wetsuit in 1970 when they first started producing wetsuits in addition to their surfboard line. Their mission was to take the technology that divers used when wearing wetsuits, and make it usable for surfers too. They have clearly achieved this mission, because at the demo event surfers had a choice of 30 different wetsuits to try out.

Rip Curl wetsuits have been recognized as some of the most top of the line wetsuits for several reasons. While they are very warm, they also give the user a lot of flexibility. In addition to this, they are some of the fastest drying wetsuits on the market. It's clear Rip Curl is confident in their product, since they are giving people a free try with them. 

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