Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Best Places to Take Your Surfboard

If you're serious about surfing, catching an amazing swell can create the best memories. But to find the perfect place, you'll need a spot that makes the golden ratio of perfect winds, swell directions, sea floors, and tides. Here are 10 of the best places surfers flock to with their surfboards for a wild ride around the world.

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu is the birthplace of surfing, so it's only fitting to pay your homage to it by surfing the coast of the island. However, this surf spot is not for the faint of heart--the Pipeline is known as the daddy of all waves, and only the best can take on the crest. Waves can grow over 6 meters over a sharp table reef, making it a beautiful yet intimidating natural wonder.

2. Cloud Nine, Siargao Islands, Philippines
Also a pros-only area, Cloud Nine gives you breathtaking trips in thick, hallow tubes of water over a seriously dangerous coral reef. Known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, it's a cheap destination for aspiring surfers, and well worth the visit.

3. G-Land, Java
Located on the eastern coast of the island, G-Land is the perfect spot for surfers of different levels. The "Speedies" in G-Land are well-known for having supremely long barrels, making G-Land famous. Besides the popular spot, there are other breaks that go unpopulated, though their waves are not as heavy.

4. Gold Coast, Australia
The entire eastern coast of Australia provides an infinite amount of breaks for surfers, requiring a long trip up and down. From Bondi Beach in Sydney to Mermaid and Narrowneck (an artificial reef) in Queensland, there no good reason to not surf in Australia (where surfing is a well-established national sport).

5. Azores Islands
Together, the Azores provide 600 kilometers of coastline for adventurous surfers. Visit the northern point of Sao Miguel--where events the World Qualifing Series for surfers take place-- for the best waves and to check out serious surfers on their boards. Due to the many reef, coral, beach and point breaks around all the islands, any level surfer can benefit from a visit.

6. Bundoran Beach, Ireland
If you're looking north, you should check out the chilly but awesome waves off the coast of Ireland at Bundoran Beach. The wave here bounce off flat rock reefs and headlands, giving off beautiful green rolling waves. Bring a wetsuit and come during the September-May season for local discounts! 

7. Biarritz, France
After spending time in Ireland, head south to France towards the Bosque Coast for another year-round surfing destination. Before surfers discovered the waves here in the 1950's, locals were catching them on palm fronds and wooden planks. 

8. Killer Point, Taghazoute, Morocco
For an unconventional choice, check out this Middle East surf spot, discovered by hippies in the 1960s. Killer Point is named after the killer whales seen in this area, and it's known for its consistent point breaks in the entire area. Also check out the Kms, which has an entire reef bottom but it's deep and slow enough for mid-level surfers. 

9. White Beach, Okinawa, Japan
For beautiful white sand beaches as well as fun breaks, this East Asian destination is a perfect setting for those who want to practice their technique and later take on upper-level breaks at Suicide Cliffs or Aha-Yoko.

10. Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Nicknamed the Mexican Pipeline after the famous Oahu location, Puerto Escondido is a surfer treasure, but also for those with great experience. Besides this beach, check out other Baja California sites--Mexico has many great surfing spots for all levels.

So pack your bags, passport, visa and surfboard for an amazing trip. If you need new gear for your journey, please contact us.

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