Thursday, November 14, 2013

Exercises and Tips to Help You Improve Your Balance While Surfing

If you're looking elevate your surfing, consider improving your balance. Adding balance training to your exercise routine can make riding waves longer a reality instead of a far off dream. Below are 5 simple but effective exercises and tips that will boost your balancing abilities and enhance your surfing skills.

1. A balance board can strengthen your core and improve your balance. Utilizing a board with a cylinder roller allows you to train the muscles that help keep you steady and on your feet while surfing. Consistent training can increase your muscle-memory, which makes achieving balance an easier accomplishment.

2. Walking along a balance beam or a tight rope is a great way to practice your balancing skills. Start your balance training by perfecting your beam walk, once you feel proficient on the balance beam, up the difficulty by switching to a tight rope. To create a tight rope, you will need, a sturdy rope and two unmovable posts to tie the ends of the rope to. While walking across the rope, focus on placing one foot in front of the other instead of placing emphases on how fast you are able to walk the length of the rope.

3. An easy exercise you can do while standing just about anywhere, is balancing on one leg. There are a few key factors in assuring this balancing act is efficient. The first one is slightly bending your grounded leg while lifting your opposite leg a few inches in the air. The second step is sustaining a straight posture while keeping your hips square. The third and last factor is keeping your core muscles contracted. Once you have balancing on one leg down to an art, you can add tossing a ball between your two hands into the mix.

4. Your core strength is vital to your balancing technique. While there are many types of exercises that are dedicated to improving your core, one activity that focuses on balance and your abs is standing on one leg while throwing and catching a medicine ball with a partner. Incorporating this exercise into your training routine is a great way to build your core muscles while gaining a better handle on your balance.

5. Skateboarding on your days away from the waves provides you with an excellent chance to improve your balance. Consider picking up the sport as a way to heighten your overall surfing technique.

Perfecting your surfing technique involves many intricate elements that must be honed with practice and exercise. Balance is just one of the elements that you can improve through hard work and dedication. If you're in need of a custom surfboard or you're looking for a certain surfing accessory, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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