Thursday, October 24, 2013

Custom Surfboards: Let Your Personality Shine Through

Surfboards give you a sense of freedom you could only get on a motorcycle on land. With the salty air in your hair and the sea at your back, you are your own traveler as you try to catch the next wave. Surfing gives you time to yourself, to explore the ocean and test the water. Sometimes it hits you back hard, but you can always come back even stronger than before. That's why you want your surfboard to reflect your personality and uniqueness, just as a motorcyclist chooses that perfect bike to accent their personality. Rather than purchase any surfboard from the ones already available, you may want to have a custom surfboard created just for you.

Here are some tips in customizing the right surfboard for you:
1) Think about what you want your surfboard to do. You need to specify whether you usually ride small, medium, or large waves. This is an important aspect to consider when designing a customer surfboard. 

2) How do you like to surf? Some surfers like to surf in quick turns, while others enjoy smooth arcs when they are turning around. Your surfing style will help determine how your custom surfboard should be designed.

3) How do you want it to look? Treat your future surfboard like a work of art that expresses your unique personality and style. Pick your favorite color, logo, or design to show the world your individuality. If you own a company, consider putting your company logo on your board to advertise yourself.

4) What kind of finish do you want on it? Decide what type of finish you prefer, and whether you want the "glassing" light, medium, or strong. 

5) Spray design finish. Decide on a particular type of spray design that would best reflect your personality or surfing style. Blend your favorite colors and designs to finish off your special board.

Creating a custom surfboard is something that needs some thought on your part. Do you want it to have a certain color or design? How large do you want the board to be? Do you need it to turn short or wide circles? Make a list of the important things you want included on your board before you order, so you can communicate this to the person creating it for you. Communication is the key to getting the perfect custom surf board for you.

Remember have fun! Cause where you are going, you don't need roads!

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