Thursday, September 19, 2013

New to Surfing? Here are Some Tips to Help You Pick Out the Perfect Surfboard

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and join the ranks on the waves. As you learn to ride, you will begin to realize that surfing is a complete experience. You must use your senses to take advantage  of a sport that sets an individual in a precise and delicate dance with nature.
You may be a beginner, but one of the most important choices you will make as you embark on the lifelong quest for the perfect wave, is what surfboards will be best to suite your needs. 
There are a few things to consider when sizing up what board will be best; namely, your skill level, body size, and how much you are willing to spend. Balancing these three factors will gauge the difference between the perfect ride and no ride at all.
  • Take into account your size first. Longer, wider, and thicker are usually the ideal for a newbie because they are more forgiving of technical mistakes. These size boards offer more buoyancy in the water, are a bit easier to paddle, and are easier to stand up on. Those who are a bit heavier should stick with a board that is two inches or so thick. Bigger boards can also take much more abuse since wipeouts are common for beginners.
  • Cost is a big issue when deciding which board is best. There is no shame in investigation which board fits into your budget during your learning period. Check out a few that interest you, remember as you get better you more than likely will want to upgrade. Take your time and price things out.
  • Surfboards come in a few sizes; mainly Fish, Hybrid, Longboard, and Shortboard. Fish style boards for all intensive purposes usually prove to be a good starter board. Shortboards are built for speed and may be difficult for a new surfer to handle. 

No matter what board you choose, you are in for the ride of your life. Remember as you learn, you are going to have a lot of fun in the process. Give the experts at Surfboards Etc. a shout; they have a variety of boards and gear available to suite your needs. Please, contact us for more information.

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