Friday, September 27, 2013

Best Style Surfboard for the Beginner

There's an old surfing saying, "You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." But what's the right surfboard for a beginner? Choosing the correct board for the newly-minted surfer is vital to learning how to surf. And with so many choices available, picking the wrong one may discourage you and cut your career very short. Making it very important that you know the basics before you begin. 

What's the best surfboard for you?

The answer depends on what your overall goals are as a surfer. In the old days (say, early twentieth century), you pretty much had one choice: a Tom Blake board, which was a piece of carved out buoyant wood, weighing about 60lbs, and measuring around 10' long. Which would make your decision pretty simple. Now, there are three kinds that come in a variety of different styles and shapes. So which one is the best? Let's look at the choices first.

Long boards: About 8' or 9' long, that will float anyone, easy to paddle and catch waves with, but sort of difficult to maneuver at first, especially for the beginner.

Short boards: Fast, short, and easy to get around on, but really require some expertise to use effectively. 

Fun boards: A great hybrid board. Easier to paddle and maneuver than a long board, and much more buoyant than a short board, making it easier to catch a wave on.
So the answer? A fun board. More specifically, one that is light, wide, and thick. Because the lighter and thicker a surfboard, the easier wave catching is, especially in small or weak waves, which is what the beginner will be surfing in most often. In addition, having a nice three fin combo with down rails and edges will give the board a much greater ability to carve (cut a path i nthe water). Also, you'll want your bottom rocker (or bottom curve) to have more of a deep entry, this will keep the board's nose out of the water and keep the rider standing.

Or, try out a mini-mal. It's a shorter version of the traditional long board, with the added benefit of more maneuverability, and little loss of paddling speed. These are typically for people who ride long boards but want to be able to get around faster, but they are also great for the beginner. 

The bottom line is choose what is right for your body, height, weight, and what you hope to accomplish as you progress. And starting off with the right board will help to guarantee your success and keep you surfing for a long time. 

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