Friday, December 27, 2013

Surfboard Tail Shapes: A Quick and Easy Guide

For those looking to catch their first wave, there is usually a lot of advice and guidance given to surfboard shapes and size. But what about the tails of the surfboard? What's the science behind it, and how would they affect performance. Here's a quick guide on basic tail shapes, to help you find exactly what you need for your next trip out to the waves.
Square Tail
Known as the parent to surfboard tail designs, the wide width of the square tail gives stability to a board. Longboards typically have this tail, since the corners of the tail help pivot the board by digging into the wave while turning. However, it's width will give less curve on the rails.
Pin Tail
Of all the tails, the pin tail has the narrowest width, perfect for maximum traction and control while surfing. You'll find this tail mostly on gun surfboards, made for riding big waves, because it will allow the board to track and maintain direction high speeds. Otherwise, pintails are difficult to maneuver in small waves.
Round Tail
In bigger, faster, hallow waves, you should look for a board with a round tail. Like a cross between a square and pin tail, the wider, curved, width of this shape add more lift than a pin, but better traction than a square tail. This gives more speed in slow spots, as well as providing smoother, rounder pivoting turns on a wave.
Squash Tail
A variation of the square tail, this is the most common tail found on shortboards. The tapered width (in comparison to the square) allows it to bite more into the wave, increasing control and tracking at a high speed. At the same time, its width makes it easier to plain and maintain speeds at the slower part of the wave. The versatility to the squash tail's design therefore helps riders make tricks and short cuts for experienced riders.
Swallow Tail
Identifiable by the upside-down "v" in the middle of what looks like two small pintails joined side-by-side. The cut out "v" allows for more bite and control during turns, while simultaneously giving a wider tail and more surface area to create lift and maintain speed. You'll find this tail on fish boards, a short board for riding small waves.
Asymmetrical Tail
Asymmetrical tails are really just a combination of two tails, in order for a rider to experience different frontside and backside surfing. For example, you might find a board with a left squash tail and a right fish tail, giving you two styles for your backhand and forehand.
When you think about buying your  first or next board, give the tails a second look. Think about what sort of stability you're looking for in your next surfboard (which you'll find in curved tails) or if you want quick changes in direction (a signal for a more angular tail). Also think about where you'll be surfing, and what kinds of waves you'll be on, when you decide. For a great collection of surfboards with tails to suit your needs, contact us.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grab Your Boardshorts and Head for These Surfing Events in Early 2014

With the 2014 surfing season on the horizon, we took a look at all of the events on tap for the first few months of the year. From our perspective, there are certainly a lot of surfing contests and expos to look forward to. Here’s a peek at several that may inspire you to grab your boardshorts and hit the water:

Volcom Pipe Pro
One event that you won’t want to miss in January 2014 is the Volcom Pipe Pro. It’s set to take place in Haleiwa, Hawaii at the famous Banzai Pipeline. Look for the event to occur January 26th through February 7th. A live webcast is expected to be available for those that can’t just pack up their Volcom boardshorts and make it to the surf event in person.

Hurley Australian Open of Surfing
Of course you won’t want to miss the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing either. It’s slated to run February 8th through the 16th at the iconic Manly Beach. Personally, we can wait to don our Hurley boardshorts and watch the pros compete. The list of top notch surfers expected to compete at Manly this year include the high flying John John Florence, Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore and Lakey Peterson.

Rip Curl Women’s Pro
Are you a fan of Rip Curl surf gear too? If so, you’ll want to clear your schedule for the week of March 20th, 2014. That’s when the Rip Curl Women’s Pro is anticipated to go down in San Bartolo, Peru. At this point, there’s no telling which of the talented Rip Curl ladies will be participating. However, rumor has it that the inspirational Bethany Hamilton may be in attendance.

Now that you have an idea of what excitement awaits in the weeks ahead, why not replenish your surf gear now? For a look at the best boardshorts and surfing equipment on the market today, please contact us toll-free at (877) 346-4410. We’ve got all the top brands in stock and ready to ship.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Surfers Invited to Test Out New Surfboards

Earlier this month, surfers were invited to South Ponto beach in California to test out new Surfboards from Rip Curl. At this demo, not only did the surfers get to test out these new boards, they also got to try out new wetsuits, have some breakfast, and meet with team members of Rip Curl (including Taylor Knox who has been rated top ten on the ASP World Tour 5 times).

The mission of the demos is to give surfers a free test to feel the true quality of Rip Curl products. The demo tour made 5 other stops as well to further promotion.

Rip Curl started focusing a lot of its efforts on the wetsuit in 1970 when they first started producing wetsuits in addition to their surfboard line. Their mission was to take the technology that divers used when wearing wetsuits, and make it usable for surfers too. They have clearly achieved this mission, because at the demo event surfers had a choice of 30 different wetsuits to try out.

Rip Curl wetsuits have been recognized as some of the most top of the line wetsuits for several reasons. While they are very warm, they also give the user a lot of flexibility. In addition to this, they are some of the fastest drying wetsuits on the market. It's clear Rip Curl is confident in their product, since they are giving people a free try with them. 

If you would like more info on surfing and surfing products, contact us.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Best Places to Take Your Surfboard

If you're serious about surfing, catching an amazing swell can create the best memories. But to find the perfect place, you'll need a spot that makes the golden ratio of perfect winds, swell directions, sea floors, and tides. Here are 10 of the best places surfers flock to with their surfboards for a wild ride around the world.

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu is the birthplace of surfing, so it's only fitting to pay your homage to it by surfing the coast of the island. However, this surf spot is not for the faint of heart--the Pipeline is known as the daddy of all waves, and only the best can take on the crest. Waves can grow over 6 meters over a sharp table reef, making it a beautiful yet intimidating natural wonder.

2. Cloud Nine, Siargao Islands, Philippines
Also a pros-only area, Cloud Nine gives you breathtaking trips in thick, hallow tubes of water over a seriously dangerous coral reef. Known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, it's a cheap destination for aspiring surfers, and well worth the visit.

3. G-Land, Java
Located on the eastern coast of the island, G-Land is the perfect spot for surfers of different levels. The "Speedies" in G-Land are well-known for having supremely long barrels, making G-Land famous. Besides the popular spot, there are other breaks that go unpopulated, though their waves are not as heavy.

4. Gold Coast, Australia
The entire eastern coast of Australia provides an infinite amount of breaks for surfers, requiring a long trip up and down. From Bondi Beach in Sydney to Mermaid and Narrowneck (an artificial reef) in Queensland, there no good reason to not surf in Australia (where surfing is a well-established national sport).

5. Azores Islands
Together, the Azores provide 600 kilometers of coastline for adventurous surfers. Visit the northern point of Sao Miguel--where events the World Qualifing Series for surfers take place-- for the best waves and to check out serious surfers on their boards. Due to the many reef, coral, beach and point breaks around all the islands, any level surfer can benefit from a visit.

6. Bundoran Beach, Ireland
If you're looking north, you should check out the chilly but awesome waves off the coast of Ireland at Bundoran Beach. The wave here bounce off flat rock reefs and headlands, giving off beautiful green rolling waves. Bring a wetsuit and come during the September-May season for local discounts! 

7. Biarritz, France
After spending time in Ireland, head south to France towards the Bosque Coast for another year-round surfing destination. Before surfers discovered the waves here in the 1950's, locals were catching them on palm fronds and wooden planks. 

8. Killer Point, Taghazoute, Morocco
For an unconventional choice, check out this Middle East surf spot, discovered by hippies in the 1960s. Killer Point is named after the killer whales seen in this area, and it's known for its consistent point breaks in the entire area. Also check out the Kms, which has an entire reef bottom but it's deep and slow enough for mid-level surfers. 

9. White Beach, Okinawa, Japan
For beautiful white sand beaches as well as fun breaks, this East Asian destination is a perfect setting for those who want to practice their technique and later take on upper-level breaks at Suicide Cliffs or Aha-Yoko.

10. Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Nicknamed the Mexican Pipeline after the famous Oahu location, Puerto Escondido is a surfer treasure, but also for those with great experience. Besides this beach, check out other Baja California sites--Mexico has many great surfing spots for all levels.

So pack your bags, passport, visa and surfboard for an amazing trip. If you need new gear for your journey, please contact us.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Quiksilver and Canopy: Apparel Saving Forest Ecosystems

When purchasing active clothing for a day out on the beach, one might not be aware of the materials that make the wicking and water-resistant clothing perfect for sportswear. For example, the synthetic material rayon creates comfortable fabric for surfers and beachgoers trying to keep cool. But when taking a closer look, wood cellulose-based products like rayon and viscose can be made up of forest fiber from endangered and ancient trees from rainforests. Without knowing it, your t-shirts, tank tops, or boardshorts can be made up of trees that have been cut down from rainforests in Indonesia or the northern boreal forests in Canada. 

Fortunately, Australian company Quiksilver is working to counteract this trend in the clothing industry. Quiksilver, PrAna, Lululemon Athletica and Patagonia will be among the first in a group of apparel companies to work with Canopy, an environmental non-profit committed to protecting forests, species, and climate by working to help large industries move towards sustainable practices. Fashion industry designer Eileen Fisher and Canopy are leading the campaign by raising awareness on how the fashion industry affects forest conservation.

These companies are also developing new purchasing policies with suppliers to eliminate the use of endangered forest fiber in clothing. Quiksilver, prAna, Patagonia, Lululemon Athletica and 14 other designers are committed to research and development projects for sustainable alternatives, such as recycled viscose. 

The campaign will hopefully encourage the fashion industry to develop eco-friendly alternatives for clothing production. As of last year, an estimated of 70 million trees from endangered forests were chopped down for fabric production. This threatens the habitats of species such as the orangutan and caribou. This trend in deforestation is expected to double in the next 20 years.

You can also help protect the rainforest and support Canopy's campaign to end forest depletion by being mindful of what you buy to enjoy the salt life. Purchasing Quiksilver products is just one step towards making better environmental choices. Contact us to learn more about the Quiksilver line.

Monday, November 25, 2013

8 Safety Tips to Learn Before You Start Surfing

Learning to follow a few key surfing safety tips is essential before riding your first wave. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a dabbler in the sport, maintaining the proper surfing etiquette can save you and the surfers around you from experiencing a life threatening injury. Provided below are 8 safety practices that you should follow every time you enter the water with your surfboard.

1. We all have to start somewhere, and the best way to be equipped with the proper tools to become a safe and proficient surfer is to receive surfing instructions from an insured surfing professional. Before you attempt surfing on your own enroll in a surfing class to learn the basics. Not only will this make you a safer surfer, but it will help you buildup your confidence.

2. For your own safety and for the safety of your fellow surfers take a class in CPR and First Aid. Unfortunately, accidents happen and having the right know how can save somebodies life.

3. Remember, to educate yourself on the laws of the current beach you are visiting before you even consider getting into the water.

4. Weather can change in an instant, and if you are not keeping an eye out you may get yourself caught in a dangerous situation. Pay attention to the weather forecast before you go out and always take into consideration that when the weather changes currents and waves can become unpredictable. 

5. While we all want to reach the rank of professional surfer, it's critical to remember there are some situations that are beyond our skill levels. Knowing your limit is essential to staying safe. If you push yourself to far, you may wind up getting seriously hurt.

6. At the beginning of your surfing experience staying away from areas where there are large crowds of surfers is your safest bet. Surfing etiquette is a very real and necessary part of staying safe, so before you begin venturing into crowds be sure to learn the rules or you could put yourself and others in unnecessary danger.

7. Don't forget to wear your leash. This important safety measure keeps your surfboard from getting away from you and getting in another surfer's way.

8. Helping your fellow surfers when they are in need is a must. If you spot somebody that is in trouble, lending a hand or alerting the proper authorities can save them from a dangerous situation. Always keep an eye out and remember you would want somebody to help you if you found yourself in need.

Learning the proper safety protocols at the beginning of your surfing career can not be overlooked. While honing your skills makes you a better surfer, so does following proper surfing etiquette. If you're a beginner looking for a surfboard that is right for you, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The 10X Phenomenon

I’ve heard many times that we, you, or any business should build a “remarkable” product or service.  Doing so will get attention from customers and make your business successful. 

I agree. But what is remarkable?

For the first time, I heard someone put it bluntly.  They said, “remarkable is 10 times better than what exists today”.  An order of magnitude better.

So make it 10 times cheaper, 10 times faster, 10 times bigger, or 10 times ________.  Impossible?  Maybe.  Difficult? Most certainly.  But that’s what makes it remarkable.

Can we do something remarkable at Surfboards Etc?  I think we can.  How are you going to become remarkable?

Adam Swiecki
Surfboards Etc

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Exercises and Tips to Help You Improve Your Balance While Surfing

If you're looking elevate your surfing, consider improving your balance. Adding balance training to your exercise routine can make riding waves longer a reality instead of a far off dream. Below are 5 simple but effective exercises and tips that will boost your balancing abilities and enhance your surfing skills.

1. A balance board can strengthen your core and improve your balance. Utilizing a board with a cylinder roller allows you to train the muscles that help keep you steady and on your feet while surfing. Consistent training can increase your muscle-memory, which makes achieving balance an easier accomplishment.

2. Walking along a balance beam or a tight rope is a great way to practice your balancing skills. Start your balance training by perfecting your beam walk, once you feel proficient on the balance beam, up the difficulty by switching to a tight rope. To create a tight rope, you will need, a sturdy rope and two unmovable posts to tie the ends of the rope to. While walking across the rope, focus on placing one foot in front of the other instead of placing emphases on how fast you are able to walk the length of the rope.

3. An easy exercise you can do while standing just about anywhere, is balancing on one leg. There are a few key factors in assuring this balancing act is efficient. The first one is slightly bending your grounded leg while lifting your opposite leg a few inches in the air. The second step is sustaining a straight posture while keeping your hips square. The third and last factor is keeping your core muscles contracted. Once you have balancing on one leg down to an art, you can add tossing a ball between your two hands into the mix.

4. Your core strength is vital to your balancing technique. While there are many types of exercises that are dedicated to improving your core, one activity that focuses on balance and your abs is standing on one leg while throwing and catching a medicine ball with a partner. Incorporating this exercise into your training routine is a great way to build your core muscles while gaining a better handle on your balance.

5. Skateboarding on your days away from the waves provides you with an excellent chance to improve your balance. Consider picking up the sport as a way to heighten your overall surfing technique.

Perfecting your surfing technique involves many intricate elements that must be honed with practice and exercise. Balance is just one of the elements that you can improve through hard work and dedication. If you're in need of a custom surfboard or you're looking for a certain surfing accessory, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Evolution of The Surfboard

In the Beginning...

Ancient Hawaiian surfboards were made of solid wood and were between 10 to 16 feet long. The size of the surfboard represented a persons social class rank. Shorter boards were used by commoners while the longer boards were reserved for noblemen and chiefs who were often the most talented surfers. While in today's world surfing has turned into a recreational sport, in ancient Hawaii it was considered an extremely spiritual activity that involved rituals and prayers.

Introducing the hollow board
Tom Blake introduced the world to the first hollow board in 1926. After drilling hundreds of holes into a 15 foot, redwood board, Blake surrounded the top and bottom of the board with a thin layer of wood. The increased speed and maneuverability the board provided made it a success among surfers, and it soon became the first mass-produced surfboard. Additionally to his creation of the hollow board, Blake improved the stability of surfboards by adding a fixed fin to the tail of the board. Blake's influence on surfing didn't end their, he is also credited with the invention of surf photography, which increased the visibility of surfing around the world.

Balsa wood is the answer to a lighter board
The emergence of the lighter surfboard took place in the 30's when boards were constructed with balsa wood. The 30 to 40 pound weight difference the new material created grew in popularity. Unfortunately, balsa wood was not easy to come by which led to surfboards that were made with a combination of rosewood and Balsa wood.

Fiberglass boards make their mark
With inventions such as plastic, styrofoam, and fiberglass being presented to the world, it was only a matter of time before surfers utilized the new materials. Using plastic, rosewood, and a fiberglass seal, Peter Peterson crafted the first fiberglass surfboard in 1946. Another contributor in the fiberglass movement was a man named Bob Simmons. In 1949, Simmons created a board called the sandwich using styrofoam, plywood, balsa wood and fiberglass.

The march to the modern surfboard continues
The evolution in surfboards continued as board makers experimented with materials and board shapes. The 50's saw polyurethane foam being used in surfboards, along with the introduction of the gun surfboard which made control on large waves easier. The arrival of the 60's and 70's brought the short board into existence. Reducing a 10 foot board to a 6 foot board opened the doors for a more ambitious surfing experience. The 90's reintroduced the surfing community to the longboard, which is still in use today.
Surfing technology will continue to evolve through the decades with each new innovation striving to better the surfing experience. For more information on the modern surfboard, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

References history of the surfboard

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Essential Surfboard Accessories

If you are you interested in surfing, you are going to need the right gear to keep you safe and allow you to enjoy the sport to its fullest. Surfboards Etc can help you make the right decisions when it comes to essential surfboard accessories. 

There are many types of surfboards including fish, hybrids, longboards and shortboards. Each of these are ideal for different people, different styles, and different situations. We have a variety of over 150 surfboards and can help you make the right decision when purchasing a surfboard. 

In general, use a short leash for a short board and a long leash for a long board. A good rule of thumb is to use a leash equal to or slightly longer than your surfboard. 

You don't want to slip. Choose a traction pad, use wax, or both.  Some use large traction pads to cover most of the board.  Others use a tail pad for the rear and wax for front foot traction.

Whether you are a experienced surfer or someone looking to get a taste for the sport, we can help you pick out the equipment you need. Contact us today or visit us online!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #24 - Create New Category Buttons

I asked a few people to make an attempt at redesigning the category buttons on our home page (see the Surfboards or "Surf Equipment" buttons).  I'm not a huge fan of either though I applaud their efforts.  You can see them below.  Can you do better?  Do you know someone I should contact?  We have a lot of buttons and need an artist.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Biggest Wave Ever Surfed Video

It seems like the "biggest wave ever surfed" keeps get bigger on a fairly regular basis.  Congratulations Carlos Burle for attempting, catching, and riding this monster (see Incredible.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Press Release - 20% Of Referred Sales to Military Causes

Raise Money for Veterans and Others by Purchasing Surf Gear
Surfboards Etc carries a wide selection of accessories and equipment related to surfing
USA, 28th OCTOBER 2013: Surfboards Etc is an online store aimed at providing a wide range of surf accessories and equipment to people at discounted prices. Adam Swiecki, the founder of Surfboards Etc, is a veteran and through the online store, he is raising funds for various veteran causes.

To make it easy, Surfboards Etc provides a referral link.  Simply share the link via Facebook, Twitter or email and any sale coming through the referral link qualifies for a 20% donation to military organizations. The funds generated from these sales go to the Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled American Veterans and others. With this program in place, purchasing surfboards, surf gear, and apparel will help heroes across the country.

Like the military program, Surfboards Etc will also donate 20% of referred sales to organizations prescribed by customers. “We all have favorite charities, causes, and organizations. I have a soft spot for veterans. Maybe you care more for animals, cancer research, or your daughter's volleyball team” says Mr. Swiecki. “No matter what your passion, simply contact us to get your own unique referral link and we’ll donate 20% of referred sales to your causes”.

Apart from showcasing a number of surfboards, Surfboards Etc carries a huge collection of apparel, bags, luggage, footwear, and more from brands like Quiksilver, Hurley, Billabong and many others. “We’re fortunate to work with some of the most prominent action sports brands in the world” added Mr. Swiecki. “And those brands share our vision to help make the world a better place.”

To get more information about fundraising or the military support program at Surfboards Etc, visit or

About Surfboards Etc
Surfboards Etc is an online retailer committed to providing a wide range of surfing equipment and accessories to customers. In addition, Surfboards Etc uses its reach to support military veterans and other causes selected by their customers.
Media Contact

Surfboards Etc
9337 Commerce Center St., C1
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Tel:  (877)346-4410 (M-F 9-5 MST)
International: (303)346-4410
Fax:  (303)953-7696


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Custom Surfboards: Let Your Personality Shine Through

Surfboards give you a sense of freedom you could only get on a motorcycle on land. With the salty air in your hair and the sea at your back, you are your own traveler as you try to catch the next wave. Surfing gives you time to yourself, to explore the ocean and test the water. Sometimes it hits you back hard, but you can always come back even stronger than before. That's why you want your surfboard to reflect your personality and uniqueness, just as a motorcyclist chooses that perfect bike to accent their personality. Rather than purchase any surfboard from the ones already available, you may want to have a custom surfboard created just for you.

Here are some tips in customizing the right surfboard for you:
1) Think about what you want your surfboard to do. You need to specify whether you usually ride small, medium, or large waves. This is an important aspect to consider when designing a customer surfboard. 

2) How do you like to surf? Some surfers like to surf in quick turns, while others enjoy smooth arcs when they are turning around. Your surfing style will help determine how your custom surfboard should be designed.

3) How do you want it to look? Treat your future surfboard like a work of art that expresses your unique personality and style. Pick your favorite color, logo, or design to show the world your individuality. If you own a company, consider putting your company logo on your board to advertise yourself.

4) What kind of finish do you want on it? Decide what type of finish you prefer, and whether you want the "glassing" light, medium, or strong. 

5) Spray design finish. Decide on a particular type of spray design that would best reflect your personality or surfing style. Blend your favorite colors and designs to finish off your special board.

Creating a custom surfboard is something that needs some thought on your part. Do you want it to have a certain color or design? How large do you want the board to be? Do you need it to turn short or wide circles? Make a list of the important things you want included on your board before you order, so you can communicate this to the person creating it for you. Communication is the key to getting the perfect custom surf board for you.

Remember have fun! Cause where you are going, you don't need roads!

For information simply contact us

Fiverr Experiment #23 - Create Apple Icons

zorroman created some cool Apple Icons.  It doesn't really match our site but there was clearly lots of effort.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #22 - Create a New Email Template

referee97 created a new email template.  See below.

Here's a screen shot of what we were using.

What do you think?  It's the first time on Fiverr that someone asked for more money to complete the project so it was a little strange.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Surfboards vs. 3D Printing

If you listen to the hype surrounding 3D printing, we'll soon be able to print everything from soup to nuts. In fact, NASA funded development for a 3D food printer for astronauts. With consumers and manufacturers squealing with glee over the possibilities, even the surfers have started thinking about the future of surfboards.
It sounds pretty sweet. Pop in your CAD file (Computer Aided Design) and hit the button. Then pop a cold one while your new board emerges from your 3D printer like a gift from the surfing gods. But is it really that easy? 

From the computer end, yes. It technically is that easy. From a practical perspective, not so much. A big hurdle is the size of the board itself. The size printer you would need would come with a prohibitive price tag. You'd have to print your board in multiple pieces on a smaller printer. Fins you could do, but the materials cost would be about $100 for a set of three plastic fins. Also worth noting is that a set of three fins could take 12 hours or more to print and may not come out right the first time.

Materials are another issue. Finding the right materials to put up with heavy water conditions is still some ways off in the future. Many progressive designers, however, feel its only a matter of time before science meets the surf and you can print out fins in the morning and test them in the afternoon. 

The elephant on the beach, however, is intellectual property laws. The designers will naturally want to protect their work from patent and copyright infringement, but this will be nearly impossible to do if everybody and their grandmother is simply grabbing files from online and printing out whatever they want. They might take a lesson from the music industry, however, and sell their files online. (Of course, they'll have the advantage of not alienating the public after spending millions in attorney fees.) 

3D printing is here to stay. It's not a question of if surfboards will be made through 3D printing but when. It will be up to the artists and craftsmen, and the businesses that allow them to ply their trade, to find a way to embrace it.  Any question? Contact us.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hurley H2O: Clean Water for Everyone

Hurley, a Southern California clothing company, is a well-known brand among surfers. Spend a day at the beach and you’ll see the Hurley emblem on everything from shirts to boardshorts to backpacks to sunglasses. Hurley also has a surf team, with past members including surf legends Rob Machado and Timmy Curran. However there is more to Hurley than simply surf and skate apparel; Hurley is working to provide access to clean, safe drinking water for everyone.

“1 in 6 people do not have access to clean water. 5 in 6 can help.”

Hurley is helping. In 2008, Hurley started a clean water initiative called H2O, and has since teamed up with organizations such as Waves for Water and The Ecology Center to raise awareness and funds for the cause.
According to, 780 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water, and 3.4 million people a year die as a result of water born diseases. Waves for Water make water filters available to people in areas of the world with unfiltered or dirty drinking water, and Hurley H2O is assisting them in their mission. They have developed a volunteer program called “Clean Water Couriers,” which encourages surfers who are traveling to various third world countries to carry small water filters with them. Once they arrive, the surfers either deliver the filters to local non-profits for distribution, or go into small villages themselves and teach locals the use and value of the filters. In September 2013, Rob Machado traveled to Nicaragua with the San Dieguito Academy Surf Team as part of the “Clean Water Couriers” program. They provided enough filters to bring clean water to over 5000 people.

Hurley H2O and The Ecology Center have partnered to teach people about water conservation and encourage the use of reusable water bottles. At the Hurley Pro surf competition, H2O and The Ecology Center set up the “Blueroom,” designed to persuade event attendees to bring reusable water containers by providing them with free filtered water. H2O raises funds for The Ecology Center by selling stainless steel water bottles and offering free water at various additional surf-related events.

Shop Hurley products, and support H2O in their efforts to bring filtered drinking water to everyone across the globe. For more information on the Hurley line, contact us.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #21 - Find a Manufacturer For Wood Racks

howlscircle provided the contact info for a wood product manufacturer that has an interest in manufacturing this Surfboard Rack.  We'll see if it turns into anything.

Fiverr Experiment #20 - Create Slogans for Surfboards Etc

Thank you sucantare for the following slogans.

“Get Out There”
“Where the Web Goes for Surfboards, Gear & Accessories”
“Lifestyle by the Sea”
“Surf for Life”
“Live by the Water”

What do you think?  We were thinking about "Outfitting Surfers for a Decade".

Fiverr Experiment #19 - Post on a Hawaii Lover Facebook Page

Thank you for the post mauiangel.  See attached.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Choose the Right Pair of Boardshorts

Part of being successful at surfing involves choosing the right boardshorts. Here are a few things you should look for when choosing boardshorts that will help you improve your technique, ensure your comfort, and help you look as stylish as possible.

Some boardshorts are intended to be more practical for everyday wear than they are for surfing. These shorts tend to come to between mid-thigh and just above the knee with an elastic waistband. They’re also somewhat looser and not quite as stretchy as other types of boardshorts, making them better choices for swimming, boating, or just hanging out on the beach.

Boardshorts that are ideal for surfing may also have an elastic waistband, but will be made from material that has a great deal of stretch to it. They come to right around the knee, and can be stretched both up and down and sideways without losing their shape. This allows you to be able to make turns and other quick maneuvers with your surfboard without fear of the shorts getting bunched up around your knees and causing you to wipe out.

Some boardshorts are designed with special technology that will help you to prevent rashes and chafes. You may want to consider one of these pair of shorts if you spend lots of time riding the waves, since excessive exposure to salt water and sand can cause these conditions. Also look for quick-dying amphibious walkshorts.  They look like a chino but has the same fabric properties as a boardshort.

Not only do boardshorts have different features and styles, they are also available in a wide assortment of colors and sizes. To see some of the latest styles on the market, check out our selection of boardshorts.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Landlocked Ocean Lovers Images

Every few weeks we send an image of the ocean.  We don't see the ocean often enough and maybe you're the same way.  Here's a taste of past images.  Want them emailed to you?  Simply submit your email address on the bottom of any Surfboards Etc page. You can find more on our Ocean Images page.


October 2-Day Sales at Surfboards Etc

This month we've decided to launch several two day sales for a variety of brands and categories. Expect a new sale every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout October.  We announce the sales via email so if you're not on our mailing list, sign up at the bottom of any page at Surfboards Etc.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Holiday Nixon Watches

We received our new shipment of Nixon Holiday watches this week (see our selection of Nixon Watches).  New colors like Matte Black Camo and Black / Brown look nice.

Best Style Surfboard for the Beginner

There's an old surfing saying, "You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." But what's the right surfboard for a beginner? Choosing the correct board for the newly-minted surfer is vital to learning how to surf. And with so many choices available, picking the wrong one may discourage you and cut your career very short. Making it very important that you know the basics before you begin. 

What's the best surfboard for you?

The answer depends on what your overall goals are as a surfer. In the old days (say, early twentieth century), you pretty much had one choice: a Tom Blake board, which was a piece of carved out buoyant wood, weighing about 60lbs, and measuring around 10' long. Which would make your decision pretty simple. Now, there are three kinds that come in a variety of different styles and shapes. So which one is the best? Let's look at the choices first.

Long boards: About 8' or 9' long, that will float anyone, easy to paddle and catch waves with, but sort of difficult to maneuver at first, especially for the beginner.

Short boards: Fast, short, and easy to get around on, but really require some expertise to use effectively. 

Fun boards: A great hybrid board. Easier to paddle and maneuver than a long board, and much more buoyant than a short board, making it easier to catch a wave on.
So the answer? A fun board. More specifically, one that is light, wide, and thick. Because the lighter and thicker a surfboard, the easier wave catching is, especially in small or weak waves, which is what the beginner will be surfing in most often. In addition, having a nice three fin combo with down rails and edges will give the board a much greater ability to carve (cut a path i nthe water). Also, you'll want your bottom rocker (or bottom curve) to have more of a deep entry, this will keep the board's nose out of the water and keep the rider standing.

Or, try out a mini-mal. It's a shorter version of the traditional long board, with the added benefit of more maneuverability, and little loss of paddling speed. These are typically for people who ride long boards but want to be able to get around faster, but they are also great for the beginner. 

The bottom line is choose what is right for your body, height, weight, and what you hope to accomplish as you progress. And starting off with the right board will help to guarantee your success and keep you surfing for a long time. 

Surfboards Etc has a huge selection of surfboard gear, accessories and apparel in stock and ready to ship with fast, often free, shipping. For more information, contact us anytime.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #18 - Surfboards Etc Written in The Sand

These are kind of cool.  Thank you mysticandmuse.


Fiverr Experiement #16 - Flyers in Jacksonville, Pasadena, Cypress College, CA

50 Surfboards Etc flyers in Jacksonville (not sure this happened), 25 at Pasadena City College (thanks tapper1986), and 5 at Cypress College, CA (thanks jimmy1231238).


Fiverr Experiment #17 - Surfboards Etc Halloween Pumpkin

Thanks adiebrown.

Fiverr Experiment #15 - Shop Surfboards Etc Sand Castle

Thanks annamorris.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New to Surfing? Here are Some Tips to Help You Pick Out the Perfect Surfboard

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and join the ranks on the waves. As you learn to ride, you will begin to realize that surfing is a complete experience. You must use your senses to take advantage  of a sport that sets an individual in a precise and delicate dance with nature.
You may be a beginner, but one of the most important choices you will make as you embark on the lifelong quest for the perfect wave, is what surfboards will be best to suite your needs. 
There are a few things to consider when sizing up what board will be best; namely, your skill level, body size, and how much you are willing to spend. Balancing these three factors will gauge the difference between the perfect ride and no ride at all.
  • Take into account your size first. Longer, wider, and thicker are usually the ideal for a newbie because they are more forgiving of technical mistakes. These size boards offer more buoyancy in the water, are a bit easier to paddle, and are easier to stand up on. Those who are a bit heavier should stick with a board that is two inches or so thick. Bigger boards can also take much more abuse since wipeouts are common for beginners.
  • Cost is a big issue when deciding which board is best. There is no shame in investigation which board fits into your budget during your learning period. Check out a few that interest you, remember as you get better you more than likely will want to upgrade. Take your time and price things out.
  • Surfboards come in a few sizes; mainly Fish, Hybrid, Longboard, and Shortboard. Fish style boards for all intensive purposes usually prove to be a good starter board. Shortboards are built for speed and may be difficult for a new surfer to handle. 

No matter what board you choose, you are in for the ride of your life. Remember as you learn, you are going to have a lot of fun in the process. Give the experts at Surfboards Etc. a shout; they have a variety of boards and gear available to suite your needs. Please, contact us for more information.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #14 - Flyers in UT, Carlsbad, and Chicago

More Flyers.  This time 50 at the University of Texas.  Thanks chewinggumfreak.

5 in Carlsbad, CA.  Thanks everythingquest.

70 Flyers in Chicago.  Thanks heltho.


Fiverr Experiment #13 - Flyers at UCSD and SDSU

drockdizzle posted 60 fliers throughout UC San Diego. 

He also posted at San Diego State University.  Thanks drockdizzle


Nixon Lodown Product Review Video

We added another short product review video.  This time it's the Nixon Lodown watch.  It's a super popular tide watch so It's about time we posted a video.

For all our videos, check out our YouTube channel at Surfboards Etc YouTube Channel

Free Shipping on Everything at Surfboards Etc

Thru Friday.  See the Free Shipping Email

Military Support Program

Surfboards Etc Military Support Referral Link

We donate 10% of every sale referred thru the link above to military and veteran causes. We use Referzo to automatically track and administer the program so you, and those you refer, must share and click the Referzo link for the order to qualify. The specific beneficiary may change over time – we like the Disabled American Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project and others – but I always try to select organizations that fund veteran care and/or active duty military welfare.

So take a moment and share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or in an email. We promise to distribute the resulting funds to organizations that are making a difference. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fiverr Experiement #12 - Format our Blog

This one cost $25 but debbie_ph added our logo and changed the colors to look more like our website - I think he/she did a nice job.  What do you think?

Fiverr Experiment #11 - SEO Report

turnkeyz ran an SEO report and delivered it in a .rar file.  I don't have the software to open a .rar file (nor do I want more software) so I'm not sure what the report said though I'm sure it was very enlightening.

Fiverr Experiment #10 - Tweets to Golfers

Our target market also golfs.  So we asked neolithic to tweet about Surfboards Etc to his golf followers.  See the screenshot.


Fiverr Experiment #8 - Post Flyers

Several people posted flyers on our behalf.
catmaster posted 50 flyers at the University of Florida and another 50 in their computer lab.
catchmeifyoucan handed out 50 flyers at USC
scottgade121 posted 50 flyers at San Francisco State and even took pictures of them hanging (see attached).  Nice touch.

from scottgade121:


Fiverr Experiment #9 - on an LA SUV

Mylion wrote on his/her suv and drove around Los Angeles for three days. No way to measure if anyone read it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #7 - SEO Project

barbar85 did a bit of Search Engine Optimization for us.  Candidly, I have no idea what he did or even if he did anything.  But at $5, I'm not super worried about it.

Fiverr Experiment #6 - Make a Flyer

There are several "We'll post your flyer" gigs on Fiver.  I bought one and realized I didn't have a flyer.  SO I asked someone on Fiver to make one.  I was really impresses. chanakacg made it for $5.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #5 - 5 Minutes of Live TV

5 minutes of fame on live television.  Here's the video to "prove" it.  Not sure where it played.  Don't know the demographic.  But there was someone talking about Surfboards Etc for 2 minutes somewhere.  Thanks majorchaoz.  Worth $5?


Fiverr Experiment #4 - Singing and Dancing Surfboards Etc

Not sure what to make of this.  I guess I bought it out of pure curiosity.  He looks like he's having fun.  What do you think?  Is it worth $5? Thank you coreworkouts.


Fiverr Experiment #3 - Post to Facebook

Here's a screen shot taken from redelvis' Facebook page.  Apparently it's viewed by almost 25,000 surfing fans.  He also tweeted it to 1200 people.  Is it worth $5? Thanks redelvis.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #2 - Radio Plug

Thanks Ed.  Nice work with the radio spot. $5.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fiverr Experiment #1 - on the Back of a NYC VW

And we're underway.

This is our first Fiver marketing experiment - our logo and message on the back of a VW bus in NY/NJ. Thanks veedub08. $5.